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  1. I have already posted in the German Forum but have gotten no reply yet - this is why I reached out here. You are totally correct about Hilfe. I have tried going this way too. In fact I have scrolled through every available icon there is in the customising menu but i could not find it. I will get in touch with the distributor then.
  2. Hi Neil, thank you very much for your answer. Good to know that you share my surprise at the missing icons. I am working with a student license on a Mac - here is a screenshot of what it says in Vectorworks . Below you'll find screenshots of my workspace - it's in German as I am located in Austria. But as the icons are the same, you'll be able to tell it is missing. I have chosen the Workspace Design but not altered anything. The screenshots are taken on my macbook so they are smallish and I had to screenshot twice for you to get the whole list. I normally work on an iMac but i've just uninstalled VWX in order to start fresh, hopeful that the icon will be there after the installation. Please tell me if you need any other information! I am a VWX beginner but absolutely computer literate so I've been very frustrated the past days. So I really appreciate you taking the time! Kind regards, Marie
  3. Hello! I am an advanced beginner (Interior Design) and I have a question regarding the Tool Set. I am working on a Mac (student license) and under dims/notes I cannot locate the icons reference marker and north arrow. I would greatly appreciate anybody's help! Kind regards!
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