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  1. Hi Jesse. Thanks for that, I thought it was an issue with deflection, but was confused by the wording of the error. I hadn't considered the "Compensate Drops" option which would solve my problem. Adding a central hoist isn't an option for this application but I did notice that it fixed the issue when experimenting. Thanks again, Mark
  2. Hello all When I try to suspend a subhung truss by 3 or more connections, the central chains give the error "chain is under pressure and has failed", regardless of the subhung load or capacity of the deadhang. The only thing that corrects this is adding a third hoist to the truss system above. In real world practise, I can not see how the chain would fail, especially if rated to 1000kg with a subhung load of 36kg across 3 points. Any help would be appreciated, file is attached. Failed Chain.vwx


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