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  1. Looking to buy license Vectorworks Architect 2020 or 2021 preferable but will consider 2017/18/19, price dependent Thank you Tim
  2. Hi Ari, I am looking to buy VW Architect 2020. Do either of you still have this for sale? Kind regards, Tim
  3. Looking to buy Vectorworks Architect 2020 license. If anyone is selling one, can they please contact me on here. Thank you Tim
  4. Hi, I’m looking into buying Vectorworks Architect but the version will depend on cost. I have a few questions: Is this transaction overseen by VW and legitimate? If I have the student version, which I assume will expire soon (I’ve just graduated), can I open the student VW2020 files on whichever earlier version of VW that I buy? Finally, once I’ve bought the software, will it expire or anything? Or is it a case of once I’ve bought it, I can use it infinitesimally? Thank you. 🙂 Tim
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