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  1. gerry_dup1

    Unable to see the drawing

    Thanks Peter, i feel your right and this is a bummer that i dont need right now!
  2. gerry_dup1

    Unable to see the drawing

    I have recently upgraded from Apple OS 10.4.11 to OS 10.5 and i am running Vectorworks 10.5 also. Since upgrading i cannot see the details of any of my architectural drawings as there appears to be a hatch on each drawing. The drawing prints ok, but i cannot work on it due to the hatch like background. This appears to be directly related to Mac OS 10.5. Any suggestions please. Gerry
  3. gerry_dup1

    VW crashes

    Lately my VW has crashed while importing dwg drawings from an Autocad user. On other occassions it has crashed while trying to pring drawings. Any suggestions on what to do please?
  4. gerry_dup1

    Plotting problem

    I have a MAC G5 10.3.8 using Vectorworks 10.5 and when i go to plot a drawing on HP 800ps, the drawing crashes. This has never happened before.
  5. gerry_dup1

    Key commands

  6. gerry_dup1

    Key commands

    I have just installed Mac OS 10.3.5 into my G5 and when i do a duplicate array using option+command+D [alt+apple+D] which always worked since Mini Cad, i loose the Dock and when i repeat the op[eration it comes back? How do i carry out multiple arrays?
  7. gerry_dup1

    VW Opening issues

    When i click and open a Vectorworks 10.5 drawing it opens as a viewer, which i cannot work on, until i open the VW programme and then click the drawing. Is there a way to open a drawing that automatically allows me to work on it. Also when i open the VW programme i always get a blank sheet, which ii don't always want. Can i get rid of this or change the format? Gerry
  8. gerry_dup1


    VW drawing is 744KB. I have 512MB of memory
  9. gerry_dup1


    When i try to export a VW10.5 drawing in JPEG format, i get a message stating 'Could not export image due to lack of memory", Is this the VW memory, which i have tried to increase but cannot, or some other programme's memory? Gerry
  10. gerry_dup1

    invisible dimensions

    Thanks Katie
  11. gerry_dup1

    invisible dimensions

    I forgot to add that i have a Mac G5, OSX, VW 10.5 Gerry
  12. gerry_dup1

    invisible dimensions

    I have recently started a new drawing, 2-D, and started dimensioning it. The dimensions are invisible? Any suggestions please.
  13. gerry_dup1


    katie Thank you and for all your help, i now have the system up and running properly, from your advice. Gerry
  14. gerry_dup1


    katie I have gone through all you said again and in "Generic PostScript Printer" i selected HP800ps and then got the paper sizes which were all "enabled" Gerry
  15. gerry_dup1


    Katie Nothing appears in the drop down menu when i select "printer model", except that another menu appears below "printer model" called "Generis PostScript Printer"? Same with "installable options" nothing appears at all? thanks Gerry


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