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  1. Pretty pleased with the result. Thanks @Benson Shaw, @zoomer, @jeff prince and @Kevin McAllister !
  2. Wow, this is great @Benson Shaw! So you first create the basic shapes as simple geometric forms (extrudes) and then you use another tool/command called 'create drape from surface"? I suppose this is in the 'modify' section? By the way, I love VW. I have worked with many other Cad software and each of them have their pros and cons. I like VW spotlight, specifically created for my purposes (stage design). Lighting a model is particularly great. It's also fairly easy to grasp and quite intuitive, compared to Autocad for example. I found this always a bit too technical when it came to figuring out 3d modelling.
  3. Thanks a million everybody. Will try them all and see which one comes out best!
  4. Been trying to create a terrain but no luck so far. My main point is actually not recreating an actual site. This is for a stage design. My focus is simply to create an uneven surface. Is the terrain command the best method, or is there a tool? Is the DTM a tool? Is there maybe a simple video that only explains how to create a surface that can be manipulated? All videoas I'm finding online are complex tutorials on how to copy an actual site from a groundplan for example. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much. Yes, I will post something when I got there.
  6. I'd like to create and uneven sandy ground like in this picture. Any suggestions on how to get started with this?
  7. Great. Thank you. Is there something like I'm looking for or do I have to create an image prop that glows?
  8. How does this object work? I'd like to add a fire to my fireplace but when I drag and drop this from the resource manager onto my fireplace nothing happens. Thanks
  9. Thank you so much! And would you start with a nurbs surface or nurbs curve? I started with a polyline and then used loft, which I believe is a nurbs structure too? But there are lots of adjustements to make still before I have achieved the shape I want and I'm not quite sure how to do this. I attached a picture. Maybe you've got a couple more coments.
  10. Hello everybody, I would like to build a set piece that looks a bit like a part of a wave or a ramp and wondered what the best way to go about modelling this would be. I added an example picture of an architecture by Zara Hadid. What I'm looking to create is the first part, the ramp like structure. I don't know whether nurbs or subdivion is the best tool to use. Maybe a combination or something completely different. (side not, but not that important at this point: I would like to build it in a way that it could be build easily for a theatre stage, so it could come apart into parts that are easily transportable.) Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello Forum, I've got the Vectorworks Education software (2017) and as mentioned in another post been encountering a variety of problems. This time it is the resource manager that doesn't give me the option to search or change the viewing option, which is just grey (see attached screenshot). I just keep thinking that this version has quite a few bugs and therefore is pretty inconstistent in its response. Sometimes options just dissappear. And, I can still not apply any texture to a simple wall for example, as in giving it a wallpaper. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks very much Michael. I'm currently using Mohave, which is an older operating system. That shouldn't cause problems really. I also updated Vectorworks but it is crashing a lot. Would be good to know if there is any improvement at some point. The tutorials are a good start.
  13. Hello Forum, I'm relatively new to VW and sadly encountering a tonne of problems learning this program. First and foremost I'd like to find out whether VW Education has any known recurring issues, such as crashing when importing images, not applying textures, changing appearance or any blocked tools/applications or being really quite inconsistent. I'm trying to apply textures to my walls and there seem to be a handful of problems with that. One of them is that I can't apply a texture through the attributes window but need to go through the object info. Also, I don't seem to be able to figure out how to apply a texture to only one wall, like wallpaper. VW seems to be totally incoherent in its response, sometimes applying the texture, sometimes using some random solid colour instead, somtimes not applying it at all. Another thing that just don't seem to work is importing a sketchup model. When importing it, the progress bar appears but no model is visible afterwards. After having all these problems, I started thinking, is the problem the version of VW that I have, maybe? I would also like to know more about lighting a 3d model in VW. Are there any useful tutorials available online? Thanks a million
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