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  1. Hello I have recently upgraded from 2017 to 2020 and have noticed a marked difference in speed between the two iterations. I deal with surveyed data that i import into VW as dxf, then draw up on seperate layers - measured building surveys and topographic surveys. The file sizes are not enormous and the geometry is not overly complicated. I am running vectorworks off an m.2 1TB Samsung Evo drive, i have 32GB ram, an rtx 2070 super founders edition and an Intel i7-6700 CPU @ 4 Ghz with windows 10 Pro. By rights I should be able to throw pretty much anything at this rig, but vectorworks is really clunky, and definitely not worth the upgrade fee of around £1500. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly recieved
  2. Hello I have recently upgraded to 2020 from 2017 and am having a weird occurence with stake objects versus 2d loci. Can anyone explain to me why the coordinates of a stake object would be different to that of a 2d locus when the are placed on the same point (see attached image). And no, there is no plan rotation involved! This wasn't an issue with 2017 and am wondering if i have failed to set something up properly... cheers Ben


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