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  1. I have a master detail sheet with layers in different scales. I am workgroup ref. that, and turning on some layers, each with there own scale. The text comes out at some scales then is very large on others. Is there a fix for this?
  2. I can't get the door swings to show up when the plan is a workgroup reference, they show up in the 'master plan'. VW9.5.2, w2000, pdf#6
  3. We have VW9.5.2, W2000, Adobe 6, and was having the same problem with text. I had set the dpi up to 1200. Set it back to 300dpi, and it was a go! Reminder: to check the printer dpi in - print setup / adobe pdf-properties / paper quality - advanced button. Make sure that is set to 300dpi, if like me, you had gone in and upped it to 1200
  4. We are now having problems with the printer we send out for large plots to a print shop. They use a HP Design Jet 755 CMA. Problems: Room name/# symbol: the square around the number has a fill background, w/no fill attribute Patterns: All fill patterns are the same poche Windows: symbol/blocks have a fill background, w/no fill attribute We use 9.5.2, W2000 Tanya
  5. I went thru the installation process with tech support for half a day. Installing the dj1075en.exe. I beleive thats the right one. Tanya
  6. There must be another solution to this problem. Tanya
  7. I have 9.5, w2000, HP1220c the door swings from "symbols" aren't plotting, but the swings on door "objects" are plotting. Also, other elipses aren't plotting. I've tried putting print resolution to 512, put printer on "best". Nothing Help, we need to submit in 2 days. Tanya
  8. Thanks, this first script I'm trying, I want to retreive the angle value in the data display bar, and have the user input in the length value. Does the data bar have a name in VS?
  9. I'm new to Vscript. Is there a way for Vscript to record what you do on the computer, so you can start your script from that?
  10. We have version9.5. If you see the full sheet on the monitor, then do ctrl-1 once, it disappears.
  11. I got the "sectioned" plans separated & positioned, the border is the top layer, but as you zoom in to the plan (which is 2 links & unlocked) it disappears, zooming out you can once again see it.
  12. Ahh, looks like things are coming together. Does version 10 have things in it, that makes working on large remodeling projects easier to handle? We were going to put off upgrading, but we have two large projects coming up that I'm going to set up in a similar way to above.
  13. Thanks, that was pretty easy!! My next problem (hopefuly last) is that I have the "sectioned" drawings with 2 links up. When I try to rotate or move this it only moves one link down.
  14. I got the poly's to work on the linked sections, but they now cover the border-titleblock, and I can't seem to 'send back' or do an 'overlay'. Is there away around this. Or is seperating the large base plan into different section classes to only way?
  15. Ok, looks like the polygon is working. I have a large base "demo" plan, that is linked up to a large base "const" plan. I was then going to link those to 4 sectioned plans. If I hide on the "demo" and went up two links it didn't hide, but hiding on the "const" and going up one link it works. My next question is how does the poly lines not plot out, since making them invisible destroys the effect?
  16. I have a large base plan (most work done here), that I need to layer link showing only portions of it, i.e.; divided in quarters. I tried doing polygone hiding, but it doesn't hide the layer link. Any suggestions? VW9.5, W2000
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