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  1. To add some additional clarity to my previous post; We need someone with experience in AVL block schematic drawings, floor plans and rcp plans for AVL construction drawings in Spotlight, Connect Cad, and Braceworks. Ultimately, our firm is getting busy and need to offload a fair amount of drafting services during peaks times. We have plenty of examples of our project drawings, legends, notes, and details to start the process. We are transitioning from AutoCad to Vectorworks so building the proper setup, templates, building the libraries and layers is a big part of what we are looking for in this first project
  2. Our firm is looking for someone in Texas that can help us build out our Vectorworks, ConnectCad, and Braceworks platforms with our libraries, templates, and standards to use as our sole source of designing. Our firm is a technical consultant firm for audio, video, lighting, led screens, network, and security. We work mainly in sports arenas and stadiums. Our secondary work is in House of Worship. We need someone to help us get up to speed with our build out asap. We are also looking for a potential full-time hire that knows Vectorworks, ConnectCad, and Braceworks intimately as well. Either job can be remote but ultimately we feel like the full time position would need to be in our offices due to the massive amount of internal coordination required.
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