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  1. Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Tamsin. We are setting up the BIM model files for IFC exchange, we believe the user origin and EN setting out will suffice at this time. In your opinion would we need a current OS survey plan to set the georeference from?
  3. Thanks Tamsin that first box resolved the issue.
  4. When exporting window styles with 3d geometry, which element do you attach the IFC data to, the extrusions the symbol or the window style. They all seem to come through in Solibri as solid black elements with the exception of some curtain walls which as frames and glass as they should. We have several window styles using separate geometry symbols to achieve the window format not possible with the window tool. The IFC exports have not been successful, sometimes the frame shows sometimes not, they usually come through very dark grey. We don't if this is an export setting or if the IFC data is being attached at the wrong stage. Or is this an issue with using class styles to attach attributes. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. We have set the setting out point of the building to an XY co-ordinate which seems to be displaying correctly, but the EN coordinate displays something completely different. Is there a sequence of resetting internal origins of a siteplan / drawing so that these both read the same?


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