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  1. Hi [color=white][size=1pt]ความแตกต่างการวางเดิมพัน[/size][/color] SP3 Error We have recently upgraded to SP3 on both our computers and noticed that in certain files if you switch between layers/design layers or sheet layers and back again certain classes that were turned off, re-appear. In other words if you leave a design layer and go back to it, a particular class keeps re-appearing but it says its turned off. Only way to sort it is by turning the class on and off again but this is now driving me insane! (i did notice this a loooong time ago on a particular project where the same thing was happening but for lights reappearing). I thought it was a bug in this particular file until a collegue said the same for a different file/project. ANy ideas.... Its reeeeeeaaaaaallllly annoying me!


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