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  1. Thanks Tamsin. Your example was truly helpful. Further it would be great help if you could advise the steps for the creation of the hardscape. e.g. did you create an aligned slab hardscape object after creation of site model and manually adjusted the stakes or is it possible for the hardscape to assume the vertex elevations by itself? should we use the aligned slab(top) option? Your steps would be vary helpful. Once again your example was very helpful and one of the only once to clarify this topic. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have been using Revit for almost 3 years and recently using vectorworks because of the firm requirement. I have really hard time co-op with the site modeling. Specifically for hardscape alignment and overall site modeling. I have watched all the videos but nobody is explaining about hardscape aligned on sloped surface (I i am not asking about texture bed nor drape surface and not even simple slope percentage), I also tried site modifier but it's tricky. i want real 3d model in place hardscape with uneven site. All of the suggested things on internet is time consuming and making me dislike this software. No offend but i might be wrong. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Sometimes i am not able to see site model where as sometimes hardscape went somewhere else. Why i am not able to save hardscape with slab style? I am not able to send fences on site model. sometimes i feel like software got some real glitch. Sometime i really feel tired with software or do i need more practice with that? Any good course where can i learn all this stuff. Disclaimer: i am working on project where someone already created 2d design and i am working on creating 3d design.
  3. Hello, What is the best workflow for creating hardscape on slope (uneven site)? How to attach the roadway to the topography?
  4. I have been trying to rotate data tag in viewport about 90 degree. I know that cmd+L is the answer but it's not working with customized data tag. ( data tag is specifically for plants and shrubs and when i hit cmd+L it actually moves little bit rather than rotate).
  5. Hello, I have been using revit architecture since 2016. And just recently transitioned to vectorworks. Well i have found out one really tedious process of undo. Why undo command consider zoom in and zoom out as an operation? Please remove the zoom in or out as an operation. Example: if i draw wall and then i did zoom out and i thought i draw wall in wrong position then i do undo(ctrl+z) but while doing first undo it actually (undo the zoom out) process and again i have to do undo to actually remove the wall. I hope you understand. Thanks


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