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  1. The points are in a relatively sensible sequence. Actually it is a surface tracing device that traces the face of a golf club to measure the scorelines; so, the "x" value is always increasing as the trace moves over the surface and the "y" value varies with "x". I am new to scripts but will play with it. THANKS A TON for your help! Dave
  2. Thanks Katie. I don't suppose there is any other way to do this as I have several thousand points to connect? Dave
  3. I have a *.dxf import from a surface tracing instrument which imports as a series of 2D loci. As loci don't print, how can I get Vectorworks 10.5.1 to draw a line between this series of loci?
  4. I have had past VW versions, (8.0, I believe) that made use of the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up and down in a drawing. This feature does not seem to exist in VW 9.5.2. Is there some way to activate the mouse scroll wheel or has this feature been disabled in VW 9.5.2?
  5. Katie, Thanks very much for your reply but it didn't work. Tried that before posting the message and also after reading your message. Note that the 3d model was not created in VW. Would you consider allowing me to email this file to you to see what you can do? BTW, when I have rendered prior to reading your message, the light source is automatically inserted upon rendering. Dave
  6. I am pretty good at the 2d stuff but the 3D stuff gives me trouble. I have a 3D wireframe that I want to render into a nice shaded view of the componet. The file contains curved and flat surfaces. I have had some luck at picking all wireframe features which create a surface and then choosing "compose curve". But when I pick features defining an adjacent surface I have problems. Looking for help soon as I want to include the rendered views of this component in a presentation to be done on Wed. the 29th of May. Can someone walk me through this? Dave
  7. Noidge, Thanks for your reply. Can you give me the details on how to "Browse" to the 8.5 Compatability folder while in the "Workspace Editor" feature? It does not seem very apparent to me.....
  8. The way I loaded 9.0 kept my 8.5.2 files in tact. I think this is important. Open 9.0 and close the "new" blank document. Hit File and Open. Browse to where your 8.5.2 files are. Go to the Toolkit folder, then the Mechanical Engineering folder then to the Tools and Commands folder and open the file "GeomDim&Tol. When the file opens a pallet shows up in the document giving you access to all the GD&T features of 8.5.2. Save this document as a template (after you make any other adjustments you want to make to create a template). That's how I did it. Where can I find more information about VWEngineer? I am beginning to think that I might return VW 9.0.0, go back to 8.5.2 and maybe wait for VW Engineer......
  9. I posted another message on this a few days ago which pleaded to include the GD&T menu item in a pre-established Workspace (like the Mechanical Engineering workspace in VW 8.5) such that this feature could be used in VW 9.0.0 or 9.1. I believe that this would take little effort on the programmer's part as I have been able to at least partially use VW 8.5 files to gain this capability in 9.0, however, it is not optimum. It is best used as a menu item but I have brought it in as a pallet from the old 8.5 files. Seems to work OK but I have to say that I feel it was a pretty major error to leave out a wide variety of features from the pre-established workspaces in VW 8.5. From an engineering point of view, these should be available in any CAD program. Maybe a download could be done which creates the workspaces for VW9.0 and are downloadable from the website?
  10. In version 8.5 you had pre-established workspaces. I am particularly interested in the "Mechanical Engineering" workspace. PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THE pre-established workspaces to version 9.0.0 and 9.0.1. I have reason to believe that this would be easy as I tried to open version 8.5 workspaces in version 9.0 and it "almost" worked.
  11. dlrose


    Thanks for you response. However, I had already pretty much figured out that there are no pre-defined workspaces. My question deals with the GD&T menu item available in the Mechanical Engineering Workspace in VW 8.5. Is there a GD&T menu item available ANYWHERE in VW 9.0?
  12. dlrose


    I just upgraded to 9.0.0 and am working my way around the new workspace configuration. With 8.5 I LOVED the pre-established Mechanical Engineering workspace which included a GD&T menu item which I use frequently. Is the SAME feature included in 9.0? Please tell me it is! D. Rose
  13. I have figured out how to create a custom symbol associated with a specific drawing, however, I want to get a custom symbol available in all drawings by placing it in: VW/Toolkit/Mechanical Engineering/Symbols/Symbols_GeomD&T.mcd/GeoTolSyms/ Is there a way I can do this?
  14. Most PC software these days "remembers" where files saved from that software are and goes back to that folder. Vectorworks does not have this feature. My personal way of organizing my documents is that all Word documents are in one folder, all Excel documents are in one folder etc. and these programs as well as most others allow you to set the default folder in which to find *.doc files or *.xls files, respectively. Everytime I close Vectorworks it defaults back to the location of the program files. Most people I know do not store documents in the program file folder. VectorWorks should have a means to set the default folder in which to find *.mcd files and should "remember" that location when first calling up the program or until the default location is changed by the user.
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