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  1. I've run into the same problem with symbols. Didn't realize at first that it was related to this one. I have updated and still have the issue. See my posting on the 31st. Scott VW 2008 Win Vista
  2. And when I edit the layers of my viewports - I have no Stacking Order revert button. Even on a brand new file that was not converted. And no control of the opacity - always 100%. Also checked on another Windows XP machine - no stacking button there either. Scott
  3. So I upgraded to v 2008. Even did Service Pack 3 this aft. Some windows, saved as a symbol, were messed up. Other windows, not symbols, were fine. I edited the symbol, saved it, and voila - works in plan view fine. I converted my layer links to design viewports. I placed a DLVP of my building on my site plan. Rendering the DLVP/siteplan on the site plan layer - all windows are fine Rendering the DLVP/siteplan in a SLVP - symbol windows disappear Rendering the building as a layerlink in a SLVP - all windows fine Rendering the building as a layerlink on the site plan in a SLVP - symbol windows disappear Rendering the building as a layerlink in a SLVP (with a DLVP on the layerlink layer) - symbol windows disappear I am stumped. All classes are on in the viewports. I also tried making a new window from scratch. Didn't help. Any suggestions? Scott Win Vista
  4. Well I closed both files and reloaded them from scratch. The bldg 1 file (contains site plans as well) is blue with cream trim. The bldg 2 file is yellow with white trim. The referenced Bldg 2 (in Bldg 1's file) is blue with cream trim. So it doesn't work. I was going to place the Bldg 2 model on the site plan so it would render one of each bldg. I could copy all the layers and add new classes and assign them to everything but it seems wasteful...
  5. I have a site with identical buildings. I'd like them to have different siding, colors, etc. To save on file size (which is already huge), I copied just the plan layers to a new document and linked it to the site plan (which has the original plans). The linked bldg appears to use the styles and classes (which have the same names but different attributes) of the original document. So my idea doesn't work. How do the styles and classes work in referenced files? What is the best way to do this? Thanks Scott
  6. I started using rendering with v12.5 and like it alot. BUT rendering is slow. Loads slowly too but that I can live with. I need to buy a new machine anyway. Where do I spend the money to get the speed? A better graphics card, more RAM, faster CPU, dual processor - which gives the best bang for the buck for rendering? Other operations are acceptably quick. I am running Win XP SP2, P4 2.4 Ghz or so, 500 MB RAM, built in graphics. I do simple residential architecture with no fancy rendering plans (no fog, etc). Can I have some advice please? Thanks Scott
  7. I'll look at the texture bed feature. Thanks for the help Scott
  8. I used the NURBS road, sent it to the surface, and adjusted a couple of stations. That fixed the drive. But I have a pad for the parking lot. I assume for multiple pads I have to use sections to get them to line up? And what is a texture bed? Is that different than applying a texture to the pad? I am having trouble with the slope as well. The pad starts at the elevation, goes up or down in the direction of the arrow - does the arrow length matter? Sorry to be dense. I have fooled with this a bunch and now am confused.
  9. When I make pads on my site for drives or parking, the turf from the site model frequently shows through in spots. Is there a way to avoid this? I was wondering what the relationship between the Z value and elevation value was for a pad? Also, can there be nonplanar pads? I'd like to have a U shaped drive leave a sloped street at one point and return higher up. I'd like the drive to drop as it leaves the street and then flatten to control the drainage. How is this done? Scott
  10. Thanks Katie. By turning on the Arch classic workspace and then turning it off, the unlock cmd appeared. I understand your point and reached that place because I was frustrated with the new viewports. I just need to be patient and learn more! My 3d question was for renderworks camera, I have 2D polygons defining zoning setbacks, etc in my site model that I don't want to see. How do I get rid of them in camera mode? Another question - is there a place where I can read about slab layers? I never used them and they seem to affect wall hgt for basements but not for other floors? Now that I have gotten Renderworks and am doing some site stuff I feel I should set up models and drawings better. The layer link question came up as I want to move parts of duplexes up and down to look at how they relate to the topography. It is a pain to do it layer by layer. I modeled the floors and placed a layer link in my site plan. I'd like to view things in front view, move them up and down, look at the sections etc - repeat. Is there a good way to do this? Thanks Scott
  11. A question. And possible bugs? Can you hide 2D objects while in 3D (say renderworks camera mode) without saving a view and hiding classes? That seems messy. Also - I inserted a layer link of neighboring buildings from another file into my site model. I want to unlock them to move them up/down/around without going into that file and moving each layer. BUT unlock does not appear on the Modify menu. Same for a layer link from the site model drawing that contains the buildings on the site. Also - I have no 2D or 3D section commands either. Is this normal? Scott Reynolds
  12. I have just upgraded to V12.5. I see the power but am having trouble accessing some of it! I have searched the posts and am not clear on: How to change the siding color in a texture (say from the provided alum yellow to a vinyl blue)? Can I draw walls with all elements attached but just view and dimension the framing (I want to see the picture by my builders build the frame)? I have others but this is a start. By and large I like what I see though. Thanks for the help Scott Reynolds
  13. I just tried on my laptop and got the same message. It's Xp w/ SP2.
  14. I can't get this feature to work properly, really at all. I have Architect but not Renderworks. I am looking to track shadows for window shading but get no shadows. I don't get shadows for shaded polygon renderings either. No matter what I set the sun position to or how big the overhangs are. I bet I am missing something basic here. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Scott
  15. Yes I did. Was that a no-no? Or do I need to do more? My workspace changes didn't have anything to do with the Site Model parts of the program. Scott


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