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  1. I just finished the Apple disc utility and my hard drive passed. It also passed everything on the TechTool Deluxe scan.
  2. All my VW design files were kept in a folder called "DESIGN" which was located on my hard drive and had an alias on my desktop. The design Folder Icon was/is gone from my hard drive. The icon was still on the desktop, when I open up the folder there is 1 folder(out of 15) and 0 files(out of 100+) inside it. Everything is gone. If I click on the Apple icon on the menu bar a go to "recent items" there are 5 different client files in there. If I click on those nothing happens. I did a search for a file I that was in my Design folder and the search has come up with nothing. Lesson learned - Make sure you back up to an external drive, and disconnect it , before you download SP2.
  3. I just downloaded SP2 and it deleted all my VectorWorks design files that were on my hard disk. I kept all my design files in a separate folder outside of the VW2008 file. When I click on "open recent files" the list is blank. Needless to say the boss is mighty upset.
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