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  1. YYYY-MM-DD is the ISO standard and should be the default for everything in VW. It's like ignoring international conventions like IFC to use a parochial format such as the US date format, which is very much the minority date format in the world. The US is practically the only country to put the month first.
  2. Forget it, we've given up and gone back to 2D. We couldn't replicate our simple, coloured, hatched elevations showing brickwork at the correct coursing without essentially re-drawing the 2D elevations over the top of the 3D model. If 2013 doesn't deliver we'll give Revit a try.
  3. UK / US differences in terminology are always such a rich ground for amusement.... Fannypack... snigger :blush:
  4. In reply to Christiaan, this doesn't work for the Settings button...just tried it and crashed VW.
  5. There is a half-decent workaround for this which Martyn Horne showed me, which to be honest I haven't had chance to use on a real job yet, but I have tested it and it appears to work: Use the ID Suffix field in the OIP to give each door a Door Type reference e.g. T1, T2 etc. You can then use Custom Modification to select all T1s at once etc (Tools>Custom Modification>Field Value>ID Suffix). This allows you to select doors in various walls at once and amend them via the OIP. It won't amend doors inside symbols (e.g. house types) though. It's less foolproof than proper Door Types (wishlisted many times), but should help. You can save yourself some scripts to select each door type on a little script palette, to speed this up if you do it frequently.
  6. Image Props are great....I made my own conifer trees...pretty crude but effective.. Haven't tried rendering them in a section viewport.
  7. After years of suffering this transparency printing problem I chanced across a solution that works on several of our problem files. Converting to PDF doesn't solve the issue, but if you convert the PDF to PostScript and then back to PDF, it will flatten the PDF and get rid of the problem. You'll need the full version of Acrobat to do it (File>Export>PostScript).
  8. This is certainly the behaviour on 2008, but I haven't tried on 2012. As stated above you should always top your DWG import into a clean file, never into your working file.
  9. This one needs wishlisting. Double doors should be able to have independent open angles for each leaf.
  10. check you haven't accidentally moved the origin in either file
  11. Thanks dm, nice video. Worth a watch if anyone is considering where the 2D/3D split should be.
  12. It's been said many times before, but this omission again appears to show that NV don't have enough practising architects on their staff or in their beta programme. You can't put a window in an elevation without a reference so how come we have to tell NV this in 2012?
  13. The UK distributor has asked for this, so hopefully that carries some weight.
  14. Agreed, but in the meantime you can use Pat's script which works ok with 2012 and does exactly the same thing: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=113373 You can turn it into a menu item or simply save it as a text file e.g. on your desktop, and choose "run script" from there.
  15. Yeah, this is what this whole thread was about....the inconsistency. Re-setting the saved settings in Prefs does not forget whatever you said, so you get one shot at this in the life of a file...or something strange like that.
  16. Ah, 10 year old problems that still aren't fixed. Don't you just love those. The behaviour of class attributes is still inconsistent in 2012. I have a file where lots of objects are off-class and VW is failing to do what the Help files say it does. When I tick "Use at Creation" in the class attributes dialog box I should be presented with the option to set existing objects on that class to use the class settings, but I'm not getting it. Worse still, the Custom Modification tool is broke too. You can use this to take attributes off-class, but NOT put them on-class. Madness.
  17. Uniclass is about to be overhauled so if you are planning to set up a class system for your office I'd wait a few more weeks until the new version is published.
  18. Too generous. Look how UGLY it is on Windows! Seriously...that's not on Windows 7 is it? It looks like Windows 95!
  19. Hopefully Lion / Mountain Lion support will finally give us full screen mode that, fingers crossed, includes docking palettes on the Mac.
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