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  1. It's the 'fully collaborative BIM' that's the scary bit. This isn't just swapping IFC files and you can bet that Vectorworks won't be on the radar for when they choose the file format for the 'round-tripping' sort of collaboration. I'm sure this will drive the push to Revit..
  2. We're the same with desktops, but this is largely dictated by VW support. We have some machines still on VW12 and the rest on VW2008, so we're still on Leopard.
  3. We're upgrading our server to Snow Leopard next week...we like to stay one version behind for stability...also good advice for versions of Vectorworks it seems lately...
  4. Shame to see this thread degenerating already... On the issue of cloud storage for CAD/BIM this is of course inevitable, and already happens. I haven't heard of security problems with project extranets...that's not to say it doesn't happen, but any node on the internet is vulnerable to hacking...remote or local. You don't think those emailed drawings are secure do you...or those files you stick on Dropbox to work at home? The issue here is simply whether iCloud offers anything to VW users, and my view is that it doesn't. As an iphone/mac user i'll sign up on day one of course... (no flames please!)
  5. I'm not sure whether we want iCloud backup or Lion style autosave. What do others think? With CAD/BIM programs the saving/referencing/workgroup-collaboration needs to be at the application level so the program can keep track. Combine that with an extranet/issue system and you're asking for trouble letting the OS get involved...?
  6. Seconded. The one thing I've always hated about the Mac environment is the bloody floating windows/palettes with bits of other apps visible in the gaps between. Thank heavens they've seen sense with Lion. The sooner this is implemented in applications by developers the better.
  7. You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?
  8. We use Tilt-n-Turn windows in the UK too, but they're even more common in mainland Europe. It's one of the window styles we requested on our UK localisation page: http://needleandmortar.com/wiki/UK_localisation_of_Window_Object
  9. mine says ALT ;-) (2006 iMac....that sounds very old when i type it..)
  10. This seems like a really basic one, but I was recently reminded how bad the basic select tool is in Vectorworks. The trouble is that overlapping marquee selections, when using SHIFT to build up a complex selection, causes objects to be deselected. Tell me why? Any sane application would simply make you use a different modifier key to deselect. Correct me if there is something I've missed in my 8 years on VW...or if this has changed since version 2008...otherwise my wish is for the ALT key to be required to deselect. [Currently the ALT key is also used as a selection modifier to enable selection by a sort of cutting marquee rather than an enveloping marquee....so I guess a global preference would be required].
  11. If it helps I've uploaded one of our templates which has classes partially based on the Uniclass system. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=154775
  12. This is a template with class names based partly on the UK Uniclass system. The classes covered are only really from the G table covering fabric elements for the Architectural discipline.
  13. That's just the point Dieter, the user origin is useless for elevations (as of 2008, didn't test on 2011 when I had the chance..). Hatches always use the absolute origin, so your brickwork will never course correctly, the elevation benchmark tool likewise will not agree with the X,Y, coordinates of the cursor.
  14. You sure you didn't bring an OS Plan in? This is the only cause of this issue for us previously and is caused by forgetting to untick "match lineweights to colors" when you import the OS. It's like a little trick question to give to your colleagues though..."bet you can't change the colour of that rectangle!"
  15. That file is very odd, and I can duplicate the issue on VW2008 on 10.5 but then I've had similar problems before. Did you import a DWG into that file at any stage?
  16. Cmd 9, or click on the corner of the rulers, or import a DWG...or even just randomly as you go through a rotated viewport that also has a rotated view. There are any number of ways to accidentally move the origin in VW. Foolproof it isn't. This wouldn't be so bad if the user origins were more formal, like AutoCAD's UCS...where the origin is named and saved and has it's data available to view...but no...just random origins, accidentally moved many a time. Other foolproofing required: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=146714
  17. I'm no expert but rumor is that iMacs with Thunderbolt are coming soon. This may allow you to use an external SSD (when they're available with thunderbolt in the next few months..) without the normal penalty of external drives.
  18. "drawing center" is the internal vectorworks absolute origin It's also the origin that things like the elevation benchmark tool use, regardless of what user origin you think you have set. Beware about moving the origin in Vectorworks...my advice is don't do it.
  19. This is still a workaround - the PIO won't report the symbol dimensions or any other common factors in your report/schedule. Can we have Door Types please.
  20. Disappointing, but not insurmountable. I think many of the problems we identified (on needleandmortar) with the architectural tools are universal outside of the US and I hope NV will fix them. With regards to terminology, that's just a few fields in a database and we've spoon-fed them the UK terms.
  21. Great link...will be interesting to see how they produce a specification 'model'. I'm intrigued.
  22. Best to post a screenshot with queries like this. You can only fillet one corner at a time. You could also try using the rounded rectangle tool, or draw a rectangle and a circle separately and 'Add Surface' them together.
  23. Is this the same issue as in this thread? http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=3682&Number=144718#Post144718 Are you using Firefox? If so, quit when you're not using it.
  24. For what it's worth, NemV have confirmed to me that they can replicate these slowdowns using a test VW2008 file of mine that I sent them. Now they have acknowledged it, let's see if they can sort it. Of course, version 2011 was launched in September, and here we are in December with no fix on the horizon. This really does challenge the widsom of annual releases...unless that is, you follow one year behind the releases...
  25. I see this issue becoming ever more prevalent. We were recently appointed by a large developer and the appointment documents specifically require you to use AutoCAD. This was just before the Mac version was even released...so the cost of hardware, software and re-training meant this was a non-starter...so we ignored it. They recently realized that the DWGs they are receiving are not native and we came very close to being sacked...and in breach of contract we could have lost a LOT of money...
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