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  1. It's there in 2012...just tested it myself. A little bit buggy in display terms though...horizontal to the screen the batt folds are ok, but they disappear in vertical walls, unless i zoom right in...or right out...strangely.
  2. 2012 has storeys, or stories as you americans call them (those are for bedtime here). In the words of Christiaan...storeys are one less level of abstraction in the march from CAD to BIM. Next year's request for less abstraction: Building Materials We currently don't have materials, we have all purpose classes AND fills AND textures AND wall component materials. I want a base set of building materials right there when I open VW - brick, block (cmu), wood, plaster, glass, etc etc. These are auto-classing like PIOs, they come with predefined fills and textures, and they even come with default data properties like density and R values. I want the ability to edit these, duplicate them, and to make my own too. Of course. I want these materials to be right there when I need them..right there in the Create Wall Style dialog, right there in the New Class dialog. I want every view - cut section, elevation, iso, rendered perspective to have an inherent default appearance for these materials.
  3. Walls get sloooowly better, but in 2012 you STILL can't duplicate wall components when making or editing a wall. You STILL gotta set thickness, hatch, texture, class etc etc etc etc etc for every component EVEN if they are identical to the component right next to them....like two layers of plasterboard. Duplicate button please.
  4. I know we have a bug-submit-by-email service and all, but shouldn't we have a forum here for bugs? Most of the time bugs are probably a misunderstanding rather than a real bug...and we could discuss it amongst ourselves before troubling the over-burdened techies. It would also help avoid duplication if the bugs had been logged here, verified by several users and already submitted.
  5. I've never found the Wall Replacement alignment to be reliable...you know how you choose left/centre/right as you exit the dialog box when editing wall components. This doesn't seem to be any better in 2012. Anyone else tried it?
  6. Seems to work ok on my first couple of attempts at three way junctions in the demo version. Still requires several steps of course, including switching between wall join and component join tools to get it to look right.
  7. The 30 day trial page is live, but you have to sign up to the virtual event to see it. I've now managed to download a copy, but it isn't UK localised. Apparently this is to do with the serial number. I did specify UK when filling in the trial form, but it's generated a US serial number it seems. Any help from NV Inc would be appreciated...
  8. Looks like it's been fixed in 2012: http://www.vectorworks.net/gfx/2012newfeatures/Component-Joins-at-Wall-Y-Joins.jpg
  9. The Knowledgebase article for graphics cards has been updated (link below) for 2012, but I find it could be more helpful in terms of actual model numbers. http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/714/Video%7B47%7DGraphics+Card+Guidelines+for+Vectorworks+-+9%7B47%7D13%7B47%7D2012 Can mac users running the trial or full version of 2012 report back on real world performance with their graphics cards please. We need to upgrade our hardware before we move up to 2012, but we want to limit this to ram and graphics card upgrades. Anyone know how we find out what cards are compatible with 4/5 year old Mac Pros that currently have Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT cards installed?
  10. Good tips Mike....didn't pick up on the immediate limit to the push-pull from watching the video. There are a number of new single key toggles in VW2012, such as the back slash you mentioned, B for X-ray mode etc. These single key toggles need to be really well documented...they're one of the biggest frustrations for VW newbies as it's so easy to catch a single key accidentally and not know what the hell is going on...
  11. Well, storeys look good....in fact always should have been there automatic working planes look essential...always should have been there.. looks like the first version of VW that could actually be called BIM software
  12. Vincent, same boat here....it was 2011 that downloaded and now it won't let me resubmit my email address for downloading the correct version. Sort it out guys!
  13. I can get in fine...missed the live event (had to put the kids to bed), but can watch the videos. There's a link to the download page although it says I'm downloading 2011...hope not!!!
  14. yeah...bit odd posting a daylight saving time for the US (I had to google EDT) but not for the UK...guess it was more about providing an international benchmark..
  15. itching for the trial download page to go live...
  16. Not sure I'm best placed to answer...my work machine is Snow Leopard with a wheel mouse running VW2008.... ..but, I am running 2008 at home on Lion with a trackpad on my Macbook and with a magic mouse on my iMac, but only for an hour or two a week. I'm fixed on natural scrolling...would not go back, and the pull to zoom in VW is also becoming second nature now too. There's no support in 2008 for pinch to zoom, or panning (except with the space bar), or other multitouch..but I've no idea whether this is in 2011? Maybe the 2012 announcement this week will include something.
  17. Surely they'll be selling it in 2 or 3 weeks, based on past form? September 14th release in the UK last year. They can't sell it if they don't announce the price..?
  18. Please add your hardware and software details to your signature - OS version, SP version of VW, hardware and graphics card spec. You'll get more feedback that way.
  19. Christiaan, A bit off topic, but can you put your graphics card in your sig (and everyone else pretty please). We're finally looking at the upgrade to 2011 (not 2012!) but realise we need to upgrade our hardware first. I've been reading the knowledgebase on graphics cards and it seems that with 2009 and above (we're on 2008) you need beefy graphics. We've just re-evaluated with SP4 to see if the application performance is any better than last September, but our hardware just can't handle it....files that are slick on 2008 are still grindingly sloooow. Back on topic - please post your experience in jumping 3 versions of software with old files!
  20. That's some serious backup! Interesting about the .filenames as similar problems have happened with our users in the past and I just thought they were being stupid.
  21. I've been testing VW2008 on my two home machines (iMac and Macbook) running Lion...it's definitely more unstable than under Snow Leopard....had a few crashes when opening multiple files. The natural (reverse) scrolling is interesting...I love it generally outside of VW (after the first twenty minutes of frustration). Inside of VW I also found I had an initial period of frustration that the zooming was now reversed...but it actually makes sense....pull toward you to zoom in....push away to zoom out...once you fix this in your head you won't go back! I would recommend a touch mouse or trackpad though...the logic doesn't really hold with a wheel mouse...although I have installed Scroll Reverser on my Snow Leopard machine at work for consistency...
  22. Chris D

    Origin moving

    Ah, the hidden flaws of VW which await you... For some of the others, see this: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=146889
  23. We simply use externally referenced symbols when we have standard bathroom layouts. They're not flexible or parametric of course, but they update when you change the layout in the master file.
  24. We've discussed the idea of a VW App Store on the techboard previously (can't find the thread). AutoCAD now has one it seems: http://www.jigsawcad.com/news/autocad-2012-gets-its-own-app-store?link=2
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