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  1. Metro's nice, but it's optimised for phones and tablets. Can't see how it would work with CAD/BIM really...
  2. Chris D

    PC or Mac

    For once I'm going to disagree with you, but only in relation to Mac Pros. We recently priced Mac Pros and specced identical (or as near as we could) 3XS PCs which came out 20 to 30 percent cheaper. Mac Pros are rock solid in every sense of the word though...can't speak for 3XS or Boxx or similar.
  3. Chris D

    PC or Mac

    Mac hardware can be expensive, but is generally reliable and has good resale value. The price of an iMac actually can't be beat for an all-in-one, and I can recommend it in an environment where it isn't left on all night as part of a render farm (this risks overworking what are essentially laptop components inside). My home computer is an iMac with both Win7 and Lion installed and it runs both very well, although I've never installed VW on the Win side. So maybe my answer is both...
  4. Copy the attachment URL, edit the post, insert an image from the toolbar, use the URL as the source. Edit...you can even do this bit from an iPad...
  5. I would post an example, but I'm writing from an iPad (no file system)...
  6. A lot of people are attaching images in their posts here, but not displaying them inline. Once you've attached a JPEG or PNG file using the file manager you can edit your post and right-click to copy the URL of the attachment, then paste that as an inline image back into the post. No need for image hosting externally. It might even be easier than this...somone put me straight... I noticed Christiaan was doing this trick to display inline images, when I'd always been posting them on external imagehost sites!....what a palaver. It's nice to have inline images...saves a lot of clicking to view
  7. Can you post the render you used it with...
  8. And while we're on the subject of the Sharing Forums, can the default be changed from "View last 3 months" to view posts from all dates instead. It looks like most of the forums are empty unless you notice that the 3 month filter is on!!
  9. Count me in. The stake tool is at long last usable to do eastings/northings but these are in metres to three decimals, whereas most files we work on are in millimetres.
  10. Yes please. Lots of discussion about render styles lately (only because I've been looking for it I guess...)
  11. Just used extrudes 20mm thick for the panels.
  12. We have just modelled a similar building, but with this style of cladding wrapping around an irregular curve. You just can't hope to control a texture well enough to have specific panels where you want them. We just modelled it.
  13. I've been playing around with this. It's based on a Cinema 4D style we use that I've tried to replicate in Renderworks. It's not really meant to look like cardboard, just a white model, but it does look a bit real..
  14. I'd like a window tool that can do integrated doors, a door tool that can do integrated windows (which it can to a certain extent), and a Curtain Wall tool that can also do doors. I'd also like the OIP not to become a massive mess though...
  15. Door Schedule Worksheets We finally got localised door terminology with the 2012 release, but it appears to break down within worksheets. Despite the 'formula bar' correctly reporting the UK field name, the cells show the US descriptions. e.g 'solid' instead of 'flush' 'swing bi-part' instead of 'double leaf' etc Has anybody bugsubmitted this?
  16. Door Schedule Worksheets I don't seem to be able to report what storey (story) doors are on. Is this possible? I've seen a similar thread suggesting you can't report the room that a door is located in, but surely you can report the floor it is on, and group doors by floor?
  17. On a related note, "Open GL with Draw Edges" also puts a diagonal face line across primitives, like extruded rectangles, which are also undesirable. Oddly, Artistic Renderworks does not draw these lines, but does draw a line between two butt jointed primitives (copy pasted exactly in place)
  18. I get the same results with the Artistic Renderworks settings - lines at the floors that I don't want.
  19. Just tried it on a clean file and get same results as Christiaan. Line is there whether the break is a storey line or just a stacking line on the same layer, and whether a texture is applied or not.
  20. Agreed. Early on in design development the Open GL screenshots are the ones you might talk over, or ping around on email. I'd rather not have to do a render, which takes time and gives the wrong impression anyway.
  21. Longer term I would like to see consolidation of object attributes like I proposed here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=32542&Number=160145#Post160145 So that fills, hatches, textures, brick shaders etc etc are not all SEPARATE attributes. Putting fill/line attributes on the OIP, where they belong, is a step along the way.
  22. I have moved this discussion to the Wish List forum.
  23. Further to the thread in the General Discussion forum on this issue, I propose that the fill/line attributes are moved to the OIP like this: Fill and Line should be more closely associated with other object properties such as texture and fore/background render settings, and should largely be set by class, particularly in a BIM workflow. This area on the OIP could collapse, and the existing Attributes Palette could remain available for legacy workflows and users who frequently work 'off-class'.
  24. You can't, it's a mockup Looks perfectly logical though you see...
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