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  1. For whatever it might be worth: (and it doesn't have to be a lot) Windows box running totally up to date 2K -- Printers are an HP LJ III (LPT-1), a Deskjet 932c (LPT-2), and a Deskjet 1220c (USB port). (The 1220c has been moved to LPT-1 -- doesn't seem to matter.) Many apps on O/S. Autocad, Opera Browser, Msoft Word, you name it.. will print to the 1220c. No problems. Vectorworks will print to the Laserjet III and to the Deskjet 932c, no problems. When Vectorworks is asked to print to the Deskjet 1220c, the mouse cursor goes to an hourglass, then blinks somewhat intermittently, then Vectorworks crashes wholesale, closes as an app, gone from the screen. System otherwise works, icons, other windows, etc. all fine. Vectorworks is not shown thereafter as a running app, no active VW process. 1220c drivers are the latest from the HP website. Does not appear to matter what settings are in effect in driver window panels, e.g. print preview, etc. Don't know about VW 10x. Don't have it.
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