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  1. What are you trying to clip and/or trim? My experience has been that this function requires a lot of memory when used on large, complicated polygons and polylines (e.g., batt insulation, and pathways on site plans). I've often crashed while clipping and trimming complicated surfaces, and I always have lots of memory allocated to VW (I wish I had enough to allocate 100 MB!) By the way, I'm pretty sure that an "Error Type 2" is a memory (RAM) error (i.e. it ran out).

  2. Thanks so much for your reply -- I won't be pulling my hair out anymore... I must say, however, that whether or not this new function is 'more useful' depends on one's personal experience. I'd still rather have it the old way, or perhaps the way you said you wished it was.

  3. Brian,

    From the 'Create Circle' window, try entering the coords, deselesting the "Center at next mouse click" box, then placing your circle. Then zoom in, and you will find your circle; it threw me off initially, since the 'Create Circle' command leaves you in the Circle Tool (as opposed to the 2D selection tool) after it places the circle. It seems like it wants you to draw a circle, even after you've entered all the coords, but this is only because it has left you in the tool. Hope this helps.

  4. Why doesn't the 'Paste' command paste the object in the center of the screen anymore? It could do it in MC, but not in VW. It seems like such a minor thing, but I used it so frequently, and now, objects often end up OFF the screen. I guess this is half a tech question, and half a wishlist item. Help?!?

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