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  1. Unfortunately not.........I tried that first. Nemetschek does not provide Vectorworks versions that old. I am hoping that someone within the community forum will be able to supply it, or a version close to it. Thanks.
  2. Many thanks for the info., Yes I am aware of OS compatibility. However, I have been successfully running version 8.5.1 on an Apple Mac G4 for many years. The current problem has only occurred during the past few days. All hardware tests are ok. This is definitely a corrupt application software issue, hence the requirement for me to obtain an uncorrupted version of the original software if possible........that's the most cost effective solution. It does not have to be for Apple Mac.......PC version would also be fine.
  3. Hello forum members, I already have a licence and the original application software for VW version 8.5.1, however the application software appears to have been corrupted and I can no longer open the VW application programme nor consequently any of its drawing files. Moreover, the original installation disc is for some reason now faulty, therefore I am seeking another copy of that particular version if possible............Later versions, up to version 12 might also be considered. Footnote: This VW version 8.5.1 was produced by Diehl Graphsoft and marketed as "MiniCAD Vectorworks" if you can remember that far back. 🙂 Thank you.
  4. Are they still available. If yes how much are you asking please? Thanks.
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