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  1. NeilB

    Finding IFC objects by "tag"

    @David Poiron Can you tell what that tag refers to in your particular file? That is, what objects are similarly tagged?
  2. @dbrumbach I see what you mean... That is very interesting! I haven't used the workflow you describe myself, but I can totally see how being able to re-assign a Design Layer for an object within a group could indeed be useful. @JimW Might this "change" be a bug of sorts?
  3. NeilB

    Basic pallet is blank on opening VW 2016

    @jeremybWhat a coincidence! I saw this very same thing yesterday in VW2016. Doing as @JimW suggested should work, as should simply dragging the bar at the bottom of the palette to stretch it taller.
  4. @hlagos If Ion’s suggestion didn’t work for you and you are not able to post the file, then I’m stumped too. I’d suggest testing with Vectorworks 2018 if you have access to it. Beyond that, if you still have tech support coverage through your distributor you could try running the issue past them.
  5. NeilB

    "Owned" doors and windows uneditable

    @baronjutter This sounds like the same thing you were dealing with in March. (Previous post is here.) What did the firm that created the file say about the doors/windows and the plug-in used when you contacted them?
  6. NeilB

    "DIALOG" doors??

    @baronjutter Is the firm that provided the file to you DIALOG, based in Vancouver, BC? If so, what did they say when you contacted them about the doors and windows?
  7. Interesting, @Ion. I hadn’t seen this one. @hlagos It would also be great if you filled in your signature here on the Forum so that others know what version of Vectorworks and hardware/OS you are using. This information often helps diagnose issues. Thanks!
  8. When you say you “added dimensions to the annotation layer”, do you mean that you added dimensions in the Viewport’s Annotation space by right-clicking on the viewport, choosing Edit Annotations, then adding the dimensions “in” that space? If so, dimensions placed in the Annotation space of a Viewport should indeed “stick” the points where they were placed. They should not rotate or move, unless the Viewport in which they are placed moves. Might you be able to post the Vectorworks file so we can take a look at it? There may be a technique used that isn’t apparent based on your description of what is occurring.
  9. NeilB

    scale question

    Welcome to the Forum @rosebud!
  10. NeilB

    Title Block and Border Vectorworks 2018

    @Jainsworth In case it helps, I've also compiled some additional information on the topic at Paxar's support site here. The information consists of Vectorworks-made videos and a number of my own findings, noted as I was learning to use the new Title Block Borders. The new TBBs took a little bit of getting used to and experimenting with, but they are very much worth the effort IMO.
  11. I have appreciated this first hand. I submitted a request for commercial restaurant equipment, along with some relevant links & info, and the content team did a super job of creating great objects in a shorter time frame than I'd ever seen. I then used a number of the objects in a restaurant design I was working on at the time. The objects made my work look good and be more accurate. The client was impressed and was able to visualize his future kitchen far better. That's just one of the many aspects of Service Select that matters to me.
  12. Actually, in case it hasn't been communicated with you, there are other advantages to Service Select beyond just monetary savings. More details can be found here. Our clients seem to appreciate them, especially the Priority Technical Support. I suppose this is a personal thing, based on one's workflows and methods. yes, the new Title Block Border tool a bit of learning, but I have found the results to be worth the effort. To each their own though, as we all have different workflows and ways of using the software. Then it sounds like perhaps ending your Service Select when you retire makes sense. (Being an Architect though, will you ever really get to retire? 😉) For what it's worth, we recently had a client retire and he too discussed with us what his best course of action would be. (We actually love these chats because each person's case is unique.) In his case, he opted to continue his Service Select because he could foresee still doing a few casual projects per year, and imagined actually having more time and opportunity (than when he was practicing professionally) to use and explore the software. (As for Adobe's "rental" model, I hear you. As my former life was as a photographer, and I'd used Photoshop since v2 -not CS2, but v2-, I simply couldn't get behind Adobe's switch to CC. After using some alternatives, I have been using Affinity's Photo and Designer applications for a couple of years and their purchase model works for me.)
  13. Well put @Tom Klaber. Perhaps, but I suspect it's more that you are in the minority of being vocal about liking the Service Select maintenance program. If that's the case, I'll add my voice to yours... I vastly prefer owning Vectorworks with Service Select vs owning Vectorworks without Service Select. I too believe in contributing to the the continued development of the software. And, for what it's worth, I review the new features & improvement list each year and do incorporate at least a few new techniques to my skill set. My kids seem to appreciate that because it makes me more efficient... which means I get to spend a bit more time with them. My design clients seem to like the applicable new features/improvements that I incorporate too because it typically means they reap the benefits of my improved workflows. I've found that, when I speak with the "doubters", the vast majority of them realize the advantages of Service Select. Most understand and agree that dropping Service Select really only makes sense for someone who is retiring and won't be doing any paid work any more.
  14. NeilB

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    @richardavatarThen, as you suggest later, it sounds you might be using a 3D navigation tool in a different Mode. This one is a personal preference, and somewhat related to the kind of work one does. For me, doing more architectural design work, I haven't wanted or needed Roll so far. I suppose if I was working on industrial design or set design, I would use Roll to get a better perspective on what I was creating. This could very well be. First, try @Andy Broomell's suggestion and let us know how it goes. If that doesn't help: 1) What tool are you using when you are in the "3D Mode" you are referring to? I am guessing it's the Flyover Tool, but I'm hoping you can confirm this. 2) Which Mode of the Flyover Tool is enabled in the Mode Bar? (There is a chance that if your objects are drawn away from "Origin", and your Mode is set to Active Layer Plane Origin Mode, this would cause you to, understandably, rotate around based on a point that is far from your objects.)
  15. NeilB

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    @richardavatar You are most welcome and thanks for the screenshot. Your settings appear to be different from my settings, so here's what I've got for what it's worth: Note that these may be the stock settings, but there's a chance that I modified them long ago for my SpaceMouse Wireless, which I have had for a couple of years. I picked up my SpaceMouse Enterprise within the last week and just plugged it in for the first time today. I fired up Vectorworks, made a simply mode to practice with and had no trouble navigating. (I just had to turn down the speed for my liking.) Even my 8 year old son came by and gave the SpaceMouse a try. He had never used it before and has some basic experience with video games. He had no trouble moving all around the model on his first try. My green mappings are as follows and don't seem to conflict with the blue ones at all. Interestingly, even though roll appears to be on, I can't actually get the view to roll. I am good with roll not happening because I get enough navigation options as is. Roll would have the potential to have me viewing my model as though I was laying down on my side, and for me that's not how I would want to work. It would likely make me want to go take a nap. 😉 About activating the Flyover tool, I should clarify - Activating that exact tool is not a must, but it seems you must at least switch from top/plan view to some 3D view. Simply switching from top/plan to right view works for me, as does switching to right ISO, etc. Switching to a perspective view should work as well. I would say this is a good thing because if I was in top/plan view and was able to bump the navigation knob and then get kicked into a 3D view it would be quite annoying. I don't use any particular perspective view to use the SpaceMouse - Narrow, Normal and Wide all seem to be fine for me. Orthogonal works too, though it is not as fun to use. And for what it's worth, I actually let my old Sketchup Pro license "sunset" last year. I had the option to make it current, but I honestly haven't needed it in years so I couldn't just the added expense and export/import routine with Vectorworks. I do all of my 3D in Vectorworks and, quite frankly, the few times I have run Sketchup lately I have found it somewhat limiting. Once you get this hiccup ironed out, and get more comfortable with doing 3D in Vectorworks, it may be difficult to go back to Sketchup. I have no regrets.