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  1. LOL! I think you might be right about something being blocked/altered by/in/to Safari. The formatting of what is actually remaining in the Safari version also looks wonky ( < official technical term)
  2. It's my turn @Jim Smith! I see what you mean... This is what I am getting in Safari right now... It was working earlier today, but now it's not. In Chrome however, I get this right now... I'm not sure why, but perhaps @JimWknows? Whatever the case, try an alternate browser and see what the result is for you.
  3. It's working for me @Jim Smith
  4. @Wesley BurrowsWhat happens when you import (rather than copying & pasting) the Title Block Border from the source file into your destination file via the Resource Manager?
  5. Mac question: Would/Should the "Uninstall" application do it's job properly and fully if the Vectorworks application folder had been brought over to a new computer vis Time Machine?
  6. Wow. Impressive. And great timing too as I am designing a restaurant right now where I will be using bulbs like this.
  7. Excellent! Thank you Jim for making these available and to all the speakers for their presentations! This year's Design Summit was once again fantastic. I learned so much and it was great to connect with other users from all over the globe. What a great community we've got.
  8. I'm wondering if someone here might be able to shed some light on this... What is the Window (and Door) Schedule's of "Front" and "Back" in terms of the images it displays in a Worksheet? Do "Front" and "Back" correlate to the model views of the same name? Thanks in advance!
  9. @Marc Powell I'm not suggesting the automated Migration process is behind this floating data bar oddity per se. I was just curious since migration does "interact" with the interface to an extent, so I was looking for a possible connection. Migration doesn't seem to be at play so that's not a concern. It does sound like the team at Vectorworks Inc is on top of this one so I'm sure a fix will come in the near future.
  10. Now that High Sierra is “out in the wild” here’s the official word so far...
  11. Here’s the official word thus far...
  12. Hi Spotlight users, I have a workflow question for you... I have a Spotlight user who has pointed out that the previous (v2017 and prior) "Replace with Active Symbol" button in the OIP for a Lighting Device has been changed to "Replace Lighting Device" in v2018. In previous versions, the button simply swapped the active lighting device in the Resource Manager for the currently selected Lighting Device. This meant that you had to select your new Lighting Device in the RM first, then select the placed Lighting Device you wanted to swap out, then click the "Replace with Active Symbol" button. Now, in v2018, the "Replace Lighting Device" button in the OIP brings up the Resource selector... No more need to pre-choose the new Lighting Device in the RM before you press the button to swap it out. However, this change or operation obviously requires a slight change (or perhaps a reversal) of workflow, so it's taking the user some getting used to. Q: Is there still a way to replace Lighting Devices as it was previously done, by pre-choosing them in the RM and "pushing" them to the already-placed Lighting Devices? Thanks in advance! -Neil
  13. Patrick, when you say you migrated your workspace, did you do so by responding Yes to the actual migration question, or did you "migrate" it by another method?
  14. Out of curiosity, for any of you who are experiencing this, when you first ran 2018 what did you answer when you were asked about migrating from a previous version?
  15. Might you still have these available @Christiaan? Thanks, -Neil