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  1. +1 Great idea @Grethe Connerth! This would be a very useful ability to have available for comparing styles, fine tuning, teaching, etc.
  2. 2018 SP3 - Class Drop Down Not Scrolling

    @B Cox No problem. I just thought I’d mention the solution (graphics driver updates) that we find helps a large majority of Windows users with graphics anomalies and even some interface issues. In terms of submitting a bug to Vectorworks Inc., one of the fastest ways to send one in is to complete this form. The form will give the tech support team the basic information to get started with assisting you. (If you’re outside of the US, contact your local Distributor for tech support.) Take care!
  3. VW 2018 sp3 : slow, hanging, crash

    Thanks @JimW! I’ll be curious to hear the results from @Tim Olson, @LivinProductions and @mbft.
  4. VW 2018 sp3 : slow, hanging, crash

    @Tim Olson Since you’re seeing the same performance, and you have dual graphics cards, have you ensured that your computer is being forced to use the NVIDIA card (in System Preferences > Energy Saver)? You and I have essentially the same computers, though I’m running Mac OS 10.12.6, and I’m not seeing the slowdowns that you are.
  5. How to make colored elevations with shadows?

    Good one @JuanCarlos! And nicely done @JimW This game is fun to watch. I'm going to need to see this as a live session at the next Design Summit.
  6. VW 2018 sp3 : slow, hanging, crash

    I’ve not seen the issues you’re describing per se, however... - Are you able to update your Mac OS to 10.12.6? - Have you restarted Vectorworks and your computer? - Is the Navigation Graphics setting (in Vectorworks Preferences > Display) set to Good Performance & Compatibility? Integrated graphics cards such as the Intel Iris Pro aren’t typically recommended, so that may be part of the problem, but see if the tips above help.
  7. To full scale or not to full scale?

    Yes, AutoCAD’s model space is effectively Vectorworks’ Design Layer and AutoCAD’s paper space is effectively Vectorworks’ Sheet Layer. Having trained many previous AutoCAD users, once this is explained they seem to have their concerns eased. The only significant difference is then explaining that in Vectorworks you basically “push” Design Layer content to a Sheet Layer using a Viewport, whereas in AutoCAD they had been used to “pulling” model space content into paper space. @MartinFahrer Regarding your original question, I tend to set my Design Layers’ scale roughly close to the scale(s) at which I will be printing. For my projects (commercial, residential, etc) this is usually 1:50 or 1:100, or their Imperial counterparts.
  8. 2018 SP3 - Class Drop Down Not Scrolling

    Yes, I did actually see your mention of Windows 10. It can just be helpful to provide OS build info and other hardware info, as you may see in the signature files of others. This can often provide insight into technical issues. Not knowing any other details about your Windows system, (after doing a restart of both Vectorworks and your computer) I would recommend starting to troubleshoot this issue by manually updating your graphics card drivers from the manufacturer’s website. If that doesn’t solve it, I’m curious... - Given that you have many classes, are you seeing this issue only in one particular file or in all files (even new ones) that contain a large number of classes? - Does the same issue occur in Vectorworks on your Mac?
  9. 2018 SP3 - Class Drop Down Not Scrolling

    I see that your signature says you are running Mac OS 10.13.1... but your screenshot and issue description is from Windows. Might you be able to add some more info to your signature? Sometimes such interface matters are related to OS level behaviours, so it would help to know more about the hardware/software you’re using. Thanks!
  10. How to make colored elevations with shadows?

    Oh that would be a great game! And it would prevent @JimW from getting bored
  11. I can imagine that arriving at the right Design Layer could be tricky depending on where the click is targeting, when aiming for a Slab or Space Object, if those objects are underneath other objects that are on different Design Layers. If right-clicking on a SLVP, I do believe the “Edit Design Layer” command will target the DL of the topmost object. So, if targeting the edge of a slab that is coincident with a Wall’s edge, the Wall’s DL would win. Out of curiosity, what are the objects that are “interfering” with targeting the Slab or Space Object’s DL?
  12. @Tony_PSAV_PM In addition to what Rob mentioned above, note that OpenGL’s 8 light limit doesn’t occur only in Vectorworks, it’s a limit built into the OpenGL standard itself. If you Google for “OpenGL 8 Lights” you’ll see what I’m referring to.
  13. undo not working in some cases.

    @CharlesJ You can find your signature under the avatar icon in the top right corner > Account settings (in the menu that drops down) > Signature (on the left side tabs). Currently your signature reads that you’re using Mac OS 10.10 and Vectorworks 2015. If you can’t see your own signature, or even my signature, then perhaps the option to view signatures has been switched off for you. The option to view signatures can also be found in your Account Settings > Signature section.
  14. If you right-click on a particular object shown in the SLVP, then select “Edit Design Layer” from the contextual menu that appears, the Design Layer that you will be taken directly to is the Design Layer where that object is located.

    We saw this once as well with a client who was using Google Drive. Once the PS file was fixed, with the surperb help of @Tolu, the Project file was allowed to perform better by being on Dropbox instead (possibly due Dropbox’s LAN sync ability as the users were usually on the same LAN.)


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