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  1. Wow! That's a fantastic use of Marionette and superb results Stephan! -Neil
  2. This would be very helpful change. When I am training new (and even some experienced) users, it is one aspect that I do need to spend time "translating" almost every time. Disambiguating the two terms within the application would definitely help users' adoption of core concept best practices. -Neil
  3. Related to this subject... I've found a collection of HDRI backgrounds, each at a variety of resolutions (256p, 512p, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k). Which resolutions are best used in Vectorworks? Which resolutions would be beyond what Vectorworks can handle or are beyond what would be appreciable? Thanks! -Neil
  4. Hello! Might anyone have a 2D/3D symbol of the American Standard ADA compliant "Murro" sink? (It's the American Standard sink 0954.000 in the Vectorworks libraries, but the Vectorworks Library version is only 2D.) Attached is an image of the sink, Thanks in advance, -Neil
  5. All the new videos are fine and dandy @JimW, but I think that going forward they should be more like this one below. I find this presenter's explanation very clear and understandable. Without a doubt, I definitely feel completely ready to use this equipment the moment this video ends. -Neil
  6. It's good to see that this thread has been moved to Wishes Granted, because the new Forum is indeed great... and seem to be getting even better as more and more people bring their energy, enthusiasm and cooperation to it. -Neil
  7. I have Bluebeam Revu and I'm quite fine have the overlay (compare) and notation features in it, rather than in Vectorworks itself. Having those features in Revu means that far more people in my spheres can and will use them compared to the smaller number who use Vectorworks. This makes it so I encourage colleagues towards better and more efficient workflows without them thinking I'm trying to make them switch to my 2D/3D/BIM software. (That will come later... mwah haw haw.) Also, having Revu as a separate application that handles a fairly universal file format (PDF) means I can use it more quickly for documents created by other applications. -Neil
  8. @Erik B, I'm not able to reproduce the issue either. I opened your 2015 file into 2016 and it only went from being 1.5MB to 1.6MB. Also, did you mean that your file ballooned to 61,235 kB, as in sixty-one-thousand two hundred and thirty five? If so, in your original post it looks like the comma was replaced with a period, hence my previous question about that. -Neil
  9. ... And if you're not using Project Sharing, please don't open and work on a file that someone else has open (for example, if there is a regular, non-project-sharing file in a shared Dropbox folder.) The changes you make to the file and the changes the other person makes will not come together into one file. That's why Project Sharing is so nice. Definitely check out the link @JimWrecommended above. -Neil
  10. Erik, it looks like you might have included an image from the file but not the 2015 file itself. Might you be able to include the actual 2015 file? And did you mean the size of the 2016 files becomes 61.235 MB rather than kb? -Neil
  11. While this may not reveal any _more_ features than have been previously known, this article appeared on Planet Vectorworks today. It and its videos may shed some new light on the features we've heard about so far. -Neil
  12. If you're wondering where Signatures went... This feature needs to be switched on manually. To do so: Go to the upper right corner and click on your username. In that menu, click on Account Settings. In the Settings area, click on Signature. Switch on the "View Signatures" option.
  13. Great work on this Jim and the rest of the Vectorworks team! -Neil
  14. I agree about keeping the initial source shape, and perhaps keeping them in a "schematic design" class, but I'm wondering what could/should one do if those source shapes are no longer available. -Neil