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  1. On 11/20/2018 at 2:17 PM, twk said:

    To VW developer's watching this thread.  We need this level of intuitiveness for a railing tool:

    That is a pretty cool find, @twk! It looks like each of those railing "styles" is a part of a small collection of railing styles that Archicad users can purchase from a 3rd party, 5 styles to a collection. While the styles are limited, and purchasing such resources certainly can add up, the way the railings are applied to the stair does look quite intriguing too.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, Jim Wilson said:

    ... they were treated to the dubious honor of having me pour words out at them in person.


    There is truly nothing like The Jim Wlison Show.


    As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, your passion and energy, and you. That comes from not only me but every person I spoke with about your sessions. I believe you have insprired a whole new wave of users to take charge of their renderings and squeeze more out of them in sensible, valuable ways.


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  3. It’s funny you mention that @rgcn because  I have noticed the exact same thing with my 3D Connexion Spacemouse. I didn’t have this connection “hiccup” in (low) Sierra but I do see it in High Sierra. It’s not surprising to hear it’s occurring for some people in Mojave. My hope is that Apple has provided enough information to the companies that make external devices so that those companies can update their device drivers as needed.


    Personally I’m in no hurry to upgrade my Mac OS to 10.14 Mojave... I have yet to see anything listed for Mojave’s new features and enhancements that is mission critical for getting my work done. 

  4. On 10/3/2018 at 4:23 AM, michael john williams said:

    Vectorworks advised to export to Collada and then import into SketchUp.


    I have exported and a folder is created but it is empty! There is no file. What are your thoughts?

    I would recommend exploring Collada exports further. This is how I have exported in the past to Sketchup (and other applications) and the recipients have reported the best results with Collada files.


    I just tried a Collada export again and it worked without issue, similar to @barkest. A folder is created and within it is a .dae file of my Vectorworks model. That .dae file imports into Sketchup fine.

  5. While @RGyori is correct that the most likely culprit is Vectorworks and Mac OS incompatibility, I don't believe VW2018 and VW2019 are confirmed compatible with Mac OS Mojave just yet. The official Mojave compatibility article can be found here. And if you need them, instructions on how to downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra are here.


    Older versions of Vectorworks (and other software that is out of its development cycle and that relies on internal components of the Mac OS) are not typically updated to run on newer Mac operating systems. Apple often changes the Mac OS enough "under the hood" from one OS to the next that trying to update an old version of software for a new OS can be a tremendous amount of work, if it's even possible at all.

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  6. On 3/16/2017 at 9:46 AM, Andrew Davies said:

    Must admit - I've always ignored the cloud offer from VWX. I generally work alone 😢 So haven't had the need - but I'll check it out. 

    @Andrew Davies I just happened upon this comment of yours about Vectorworks Cloud Services. I hope you’ve had a chance to check it out since you posted. Cloud Services is actually great for individual users, because it’s like you have a second computer available to render your sheet layers. It does quite a bit more too. The descriptions along the bottom of the login page help explain what one can use it for.


    If you haven’t given it a good look, I encourage you to do so... It can add some rather interesting abilities to your workflows.

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  7. Welcome @cleonidas!


    While I don't know of any in-person training in Seattle per se, I can recommend that you start out by doing relevant the Getting Started Guides here. These will give you a good introductory knowledge to using Vectorworks.


    Another great head start into using Vectorworks for Entertainment and Events is the Spotlight Virtual Training that Vectorworks itself offers. Keep an eye on the training calendar for upcoming dates. I have done the course myself and it's superb.


    In addition to the training above, another very good resource to have on hand is the Entertainment Design manual by @Kevin Allen.


    I hope that information helps.





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  8. When you say you “added dimensions to the annotation layer”, do you mean that you added dimensions in the Viewport’s Annotation space by right-clicking on the viewport, choosing Edit Annotations, then adding the dimensions “in” that space?


    If so, dimensions placed in the Annotation space of a Viewport should indeed “stick” the points where they were placed. They should not rotate or move, unless the Viewport in which they are placed moves.


    Might you be able to post the Vectorworks file so we can take a look at it? There may be a technique used that isn’t apparent based on your description of what is occurring.

  9. @Jainsworth In case it helps, I've also compiled some additional information on the topic at Paxar's support site here. The information consists of Vectorworks-made videos and a number of my own findings, noted as I was learning to use the new Title Block Borders. The new TBBs took a little bit of getting used to and experimenting with, but they are very much worth the effort IMO.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Rob Books said:

     and to back off of Jim, when VW only did annual content, there were two of us creating it, and there was not as much.  Now with the Service Select, we have 5 dedicated developers for the content.  This means we are working through years of back wishes for content, and keeping things updated for content at a better pace, no longer having to wait Months for that new light fixture.

    I have appreciated this first hand. I submitted a request for commercial restaurant equipment, along with some relevant links & info, and the content team did a super job of creating great objects in a shorter time frame than I'd ever seen. I then used a number of the objects in a restaurant design I was working on at the time. The objects made my work look good and be more accurate. The client was impressed and was able to visualize his future kitchen far better.

    That's just one of the many aspects of Service Select that matters to me.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, michael john williams said:

    VSS's only real advantage is the discount. This forum provides sound technical advice. If you only renew your licence every 3 to 4 years then there is no advantage or discount.

    Actually, in case it hasn't been communicated with you, there are other advantages to Service Select beyond just monetary savings. More details can be found here.

    Our clients seem to appreciate them, especially the Priority Technical Support.


    19 minutes ago, michael john williams said:

    Niceties such as the title block improvements are a waste and in fact now too complicated.

    I suppose this is a personal thing, based on one's workflows and methods. yes, the new Title Block Border tool a bit of learning, but I have found the results to be worth the effort. To each their own though, as we all have different workflows and ways of using the software.


    19 minutes ago, RGyori said:


    @NeilB your comment helps add clarity to my situation. I too like using the VSS model (in a professional services context) but plan to end it when I retire in about 2 years... 

    Then it sounds like perhaps ending your Service Select when you retire makes sense. (Being an Architect though, will you ever really get to retire? 😉)

    For what it's worth, we recently had a client retire and he too discussed with us what his best course of action would be. (We actually love these chats because each person's case is unique.) In his case, he opted to continue his Service Select because he could foresee still doing a few casual projects per year, and imagined actually having more time and opportunity (than when he was practicing professionally) to use and explore the software.


    (As for Adobe's "rental" model, I hear you. As my former life was as a photographer, and I'd used Photoshop since v2 -not CS2, but v2-, I simply couldn't get behind Adobe's switch to CC. After using some alternatives, I have been using Affinity's Photo and Designer applications for a couple of years and their purchase model works for me.)

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