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  1. I have one Vectorworks 2020 Architect license for sale for either Mac or Windows.

    CDN$2600 or best reasonable offer.


    Send me a direct message here on the Forum if you are interested in purchasing or would like to make an offer.



    (Since you might see my forum signature and wonder “Is he allowed to do that?”, I am. The license I am selling is my own professional license that I have owned since before joining the company.)

  2. Hi @Eric h123, It appears that your profile at the Student Portal needs to have a proof of enrolment (your current & legible school photo ID as a JPG or PDF) added in order to approve your academic license request. You should have received a few emails about this recently, so if you don't see those in your inbox perhaps check your spam folder. Thanks!

  3. 16 hours ago, TRC said:


    I'm having a similar issue - specifically it is Attributes and Snapping that aren't docking on my Mac, but they do on my PC...

    If the Attributes and Snapping palettes are docked to each other, then you can't dock those two, already-docked palettes to other palettes.


    If you separate the Attributes and Snapping palettes from each other first, then you can dock each one individually into the locations you wish.


    And as far as I have found, the Snapping palette on Windows doesn't dock. I'm not sure why this is though.

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  4. Just now, Benedick_Miller said:

    OK - will do. Is it a bug or a feature? 😉

    I would suggest submitting as a bug and having the team assist in figuring this one out with you, especially given what you noted in your PS post above. The development team does listen to feedback (I know this first hand from even before I joined the company) so they appreciate hearing use cases to help tune and enhance tools and commands.  

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  5. 3 minutes ago, grant_PD said:

    @Neil Barman  I am on the most up to date version, and as my video I posted shows, there is clearly an override happening that is not intended.  

    Yours does looks like it may be a bug. Good catch. Please do submit your video so it can be investigated and if it's a bug, corrected. The Bug Submit page is here. Thanks!


    Unless I'm mistaken, what @Benedick_Miller originally described was different from what you demonstrated in your video, so it will be good to have Tech Support hear about his issue too.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Benedick_Miller said:


    yes that is what my post is about - selecting use on creation for text styles does not work as expected. 

    Have you contacted technical support for assistance? If not, please do get in touch with them so they can help you.


    Also, do make sure you’re running the most current version; your first post indicates that you may be using SP2.1 but there have been updates since.

  7. 1. Agreed and because of that, the formatting can stay as is for now.

    2. Keep an eye on that of course, and if it does turn out to be a bug, definitely submit it.

    3. If a 100% accurate report is not currently possible, then I would say just get it as close as you reasonably can, noting the ways it doesn't work. If a 100% accurate report is possible now, then I could use that on a project, but if a 100% accurate report isn't possible yet we can still use the report you do create as part of a feature request (and the more info we can provide towards that, the better.)

  8. It's getting there. The layout of the data is looking good so far, but... the data that is being pulled isn't all correct. It seems that the data pulled for the levels themselves is mismatched and in some case not the actual levels used. There appears to be a mismatch with the Layers as well. For example, taking a look at Story-2 in the test file:



    • Ceiling Level in the worksheet should be 3500, which is a custom Level I made. (2473 is the height of the default.) "Ceiling" should be the Layer noted in the Layer column to the right of it.
    • Top of Slab should be 0, and it should have "Slab" in the Layer column to the right. 
    • Bottom of Slab (Layerless) should be -500 (also custom) and it should not have a Layer in its Layer column to the right of it.

    In contrast, the Finish Floor Level, at 0 height, with its "Floor Layout" Layer is correct.


    Having the Level, Level Ht and Layer. columns sorted from highest to lowest (with Level Ht. being the governing factor) is the goal, so that the words in the worksheet match how the building would "stack" in real life.


    Removing the zeros in the Storey Elev column would be ideal, if possible, in order to remove them from being a another piece of data that could be a distraction.


    Fonts and fonts sizes... As-is they can work, but if it possible:

    Row 1: 14pt, Arial, Bold.

    Row 2: 14pt, Arial, Bold, Underline.

    Row 4 onwards: 12pt Arial

    (I wasn't thinking of getting too fancy in terms of the look of the data, but simply having some examples of how formatting can be done would help.)



  9. That's interesting about there not being a call to get the Levels of a Storey. Hmm.


    Realistically, knowing the way templates will be set up and the way users may work "on the fly", it is conceivable that Levels will created both ways; Some Levels will be added from a template and others will be added manually as needed as planning a project.


    I very much appreciate you digging into this, Pat.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Ah, scope creep. 😉


    LOL... Busted!


    Yes, the end goal would be to view/print said Report so that a small-and-very-smart team could look at all the Storeys, and their associated heights, and building height limits and such, and plan the project (height-wise) well, before even drawing and objects.  

  11. Thanks @Pat Stanford!


    The storey info I am hoping to extract is mainly what is shown in the Stories tab (and related dialogs) of the Organization Window. I'm thinking that this order should work:


    Highest Storey name & elevation plus prefix/suffix, then that storey's List of all Levels (the ones I have actually used, not the full list) in order from high to low plus the name of Design Layers associated with a Level.


    Second highest Storey name (with all the info as above)


    Third highest Storey

    and so on, until...

    Lowest Storey


    Something like this...




  12. I am wondering if someone here might have a way to report the Storeys within a file (as well as each Storey’s contained Layers, Levels, their heights, etc) when the file ONLY has Stories set up so far? That is, there is no geometry drawn in the file yet, hence I'm not able to report the Storey, layer, level of a any of objects themselves.




  13. Once you get the palettes docked where you would like them please do make sure you then go to the Window menu > Palettes > Save Palette Positions.




    (and @Jeffrey J. Hummel, you are listed as a "Greenhorn" because you just joined the Community Forum and have only posted a couple of times as of now. Such membership "level" are fairly typical on public forums and simply indicate how long or how much a member has been involved/active. As you post more, your level will change. If you would like to indicate more about your history with Vectorworks, your Vectorworks version, your computer spec's, etc I would suggest that you enter this info into your forum signature. You can find this area to edit under your name at the top right > Account Settings > Signature.)

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  14. On 11/26/2019 at 7:59 AM, MHBrown said:

    Thanks, that worked. However, I don't ever remember having to have that extra step in earlier versions of Vectorworks (or MiniCAD, for that matter, going back to 1995).

    Since that color pencil box is a Mac OS-based color picker, it sounds to me like Catalina is the reason for having to press the OK button to confirm the color.


    It may be a sign of things to come on the Mac side of things... it might not be a bad idea to review other Catalina changes to the OS.

  15. @Jalkana It sounds like you may be asking for something like “Viewport Styles”, according to the current way Vectorworks allows the user to set common options for objects. You would still need to set up the Overrides once somewhere – no software can read your mind, yet – but then you could then save the Viewport Style as a resource to be used at another time. Also, you may also need to tell each viewport to adopt a certain Viewport Style, but you can describe how you would like this to happen with the fewest clicks possible, or from a “central location” like the Organization dialog box. Whatever the case, I would recommend that you post this request in the Wish List section of the Forum. Include a description of what you would like to achieve, how you would like to achieve it, and how such a feature would be beneficial to your workflow and possibly for the workflows of others.


    (And not to diminish your request at all, but if you did actually run into the time-crunched scenario you describe above, you might need to have a serious talk with your structural consultant and especially your client about your Working Relationships. You would certainly need to say no to one of them – Most likely the client. Last minute information, requests and emergencies on their part do not need to equate to making you panic or work in a compromised way.)

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  16. On 6/5/2019 at 1:31 AM, stephaneuk said:

    This seems to have happened to my flies.. running VW19 SP3

    From fast renderworks to final quality....

    @stephaneuk It looks like what you’re seeing may be different from the issue that was being discussed in much of the rest of this thread. If you are still experiencing the issue, I would recommend contacting your Vectorworks distributor’s technical support for assistance.


    Also, since you only mention Fast and Final Quality Renderworks, I would encourage you to try out Custom Renderworks Styles instead. You will likely find that you can create better looking renderings in shorter times by taking control of the render settings yourself.

  17. 1 hour ago, Francois Levy said:

    I set mine to about 0.6 seconds; seems to be long enough to avoid everything lighting up like a pinball machine, but not too long to wait if you want the highlighting.


    Thanks for the suggestion, François. I was just looking for the "sweet spot" and, though I love pinball in machine form, I don't want to see it all day on-screen... a 0.6s delay is great! 

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