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  1. I was wondering if there was a way to use a Stake object to modify a site model AND have those same Stake objects appear on my site plan (basically as 2D graphics set to the elevation of the site model)? If not, what is the best practice for showing those elevation readings from the actual site model on my site plan? Must I duplicate all of my Stake objects and set those duplicates to "Use 2D Graphic only" in the OIP to get them to appear? That seems prone to errors to me, as I will likely have to fine tune the site model more in the future, so I'm hoping there is a better way. Thanks in advance! -Neil
  2. Might anyone know how to subscribe to the VSS Training section RSS feeds? The Tips & Tricks, How To and Tutorial sections all have the RSS icon near the upper right, and seem to have an RSS address for that page, but I cannot figure out how to actually subscribe to a feed. (Do note that I use lots of other RSS feeds from other sources without any issue at all.) Ideally, given the infrequency of items being posted, I would like the service "If This Then That" to send me a message when a new item is posted to one of those feeds. However, when I try to create this action at IFTTT (as I have done with many other feeds) IFTTT tells me the feed URL isn't a valid and is missing a title. I have tried other RSS readers (Postbox, Vienna, etc) and none of them can subscribe to the VSS RSS feeds either. I'm stumped.
  3. It's great to hear that these 3D mice actually do work with v2014 and OS 10.9... Now I really must try one. -Neil
  4. For what it's worth, I've been in touch with 3DConnexion and am trying to get their Product Team to get in touch with you Jim. Since it sounds like some fairly minor things to sort out, it would be great to get VW back on their currently tested and supported list, for both companies I think. -Neil
  5. I have a site plan as a main file with three different unit plans referenced in and placed on site (in 14 different locations). From the site's Design Layer, or even from the Sheet Layer, how do I go about exporting a DWG so that those unit plans are visible? So far every method I've tried shows all the items in the main (site) file but the units themselves are missing, leaving only blank space where they were located. The unit plans are exported as separate DWGs but do appear to be "bound" or inserted into the site DWG. Thanks! -Neil
  6. Yes, I am sure that the offending windows are listed in the OIP as "Window in wall" when they are making the jump. And when they are simply listed as "Window" they don't jump. Will do about troubleshooting that wall and the windows. At initially glance, they (the wall and the two windows) do not seem to be any different really than the others around them. I will investigate further though. I am suspecting that the wall, rather than the windows, may be the offender. I am thinking this because as a test, I took one of the other windows in the unit (that has behaved well so far) and I put it into the same wall as the 2 "jumpers". I saved, opened the site file and all of a sudden, the two original jumpers were where they should be and the newly added window had jumped. Mysterious indeed.
  7. I've got a strange problem that I am trying to troubleshoot and fix, so I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help... I have a 3 residential building types built in 3 different files. I have a 4th file that is the site, where the 3 units are referenced in (multiple times each, to total 14 buildings) and elevated to sit on a site model. Units 1 and 2 appear normal in Top/Plan view in each of their iterations. Unit 3 however has two of its windows "jump" out of the wall and end up about 3000m to the right, which is not at all the way they are in the original file. When I edit the original unit file and pull the windows out of the wall (in Top/Plan view) and simply lay them on top of the wall in the correct location they look correct back in the site file (when I update the reference.) When I re-insert them back into their walls in the unit file, then update the reference, they again "jump" out of the wall and far to the right in the site file. Any ideas as to what is going on and perhaps more importably, how to fix it? Thanks in advance, -Neil
  8. I would love to see workflows with importing/exporting recommendations for working with other major CAD/BIM/3D applications (i.e Revit, AutoCAD, Microstation, Archicad, Sketchup, etc.) It seems that it's always a matter of trial and error in terms of the best ways to export & import files with consultants & colleagues. It would be great to know... - Which formats work best with which applications? - What effect do each of the settings (for the above formats) have on the end result? - What are the Best Practices for importing files? - What are the recommended instructions to give to other who are exporting files for our use in VW? Demystifying the process in both directions would be a huge help in keeping Vectorworks viable and competitive. Thanks!
  9. Needless to say, this technique works great! While a live version would be nice, this method is so easy, quick and flexible that it's quite acceptable. Thank you Tamsin! -Neil
  10. Thank you Tamsin! I will try this and report back. -Neil
  11. Is there a way to display existing and proposed contours/grade in a site section, one atop the other? I have a (proposed) site model that I have cut a section through. It has numerous pad modifiers & grade limit modifiers for a series of buildings, so the terrain changes a fair bit. Now I am needing to show, overlaid on the proposed section, what the slope of the site was originally, before/without all the pads. Is there a "built-in" way to do this? If not, what might be the best workaround? Thanks in advance, -Neil
  12. I seem to recall reading something that may relate to this recently on Jonathan Pickup's site... Check out the "Topics Covered" section of this session. http://learn.archoncad.com/2013/10/14758/landmark_sig_035-special-interest-group-september-2013/ I haven't watched that one myself, but I hope it helps. -Neil
  13. Thanks you for the clarification Jim. For now this is good to know at least, so that I don't go mental trying to figure out how to do it. -Neil
  14. Is there any way to edit the Artistic Renderworks style (i.e. "Pencil - soft, Pencil - Thick & Thin", etc) beyond the options available in the Artistic Renderworks Options dialog box? Specifically, I am needing to use the "Pencil - Soft" style and have shadows appear. Thanks in advance! -Neil
  15. Actually, being able to turn shadows on & off for ANY rendering method and style would be incredibly useful. (For example, I would really like to be able to use the Artistic Render style "Pencil (soft)" and be able to see shadows at the same time.) Just my 2 cents. -Neil
  16. Thanks Jim. Good to know that Displacement Maps are further down in the VSS 101 queue. I'll poke around to see if I can find a good board & batten texture & bump map. If I don't find out, at least it would be one of the easier kinds to practice making. -Neil
  17. Jim, Would it be reasonable to use a displacement mapped textured to portray board & batten siding? Also, do you have any sense as to when the 101's are coming to VSS? Thanks, -Neil
  18. Gentlemen, I'm very curious to know the outcome of this situation. I'm not having similar issues myself (touch wood) but I am getting into 3D & rendering work with VW (after many years of being required to use it in 2D only) and I suspect your findings would be quite informative. Thanks, -Neil
  19. Well... After a few different attempts at using the "Layer Import" option, and re-building the files (don't ask how long that took) unfortunately using "layer imports" didn't do the trick. I still didn't end up with the visibility control I needed. What ultimately has worked (and thank you Jonathan for your clarity) was to: - Duplicate my Design Layer Viewport for each unit. - Turn on the layers I wanted to appear in each of the two viewports (in my case, one VP should show the main floor plan, the other should show all floors and roofs of the building.) - Make two Classes, one for Viewports-Plans and the other for Viewports-Full Buildings. - Assign each VP to its appropriate Class. - Group each pair of VPs. - Go to my Site Plan VP, which appears on my Site Plan Sheet, and turn on the Class: Viewport-Plans (and turn off Viewports-Full Buildings) - Go to my Site Section Key Plan VP, which appears on my Site Sections Sheet, and turn on Viewports-Full Buildings (and turn off Viewports-Plans). My Section Viewports are cut using this Key Plan VP and therefore show the full building sectioned along with the site. *gasp* Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. -Neil
  20. I forgot to add this! I agree, hang in there. Given the size of the purchase, it might just be taking an interested party a while to arrange for it or to see if they can afford it. You're welcome... An updated website with more build photos coming soon. I just became so busy the day after we moved in that I haven't had a chance to polish the website changes. -Neil
  21. I'm just taking a guess at this, based on my exposure to many firms using the software and years of using it myself... 1. Possibly... Most people or firms I know of/have worked with have VW Architect and barely even scratch the surface of using that as it is. Having Designer would simply be overkill for them. Obviously mine is just a small sampling of a much larger user base though. 2. The price seems quite fair to me... quite good actually. But this is assuming that Designer would get utilized. 3. I doubt this. However, most users here already seem to have the VW that works for them so perhaps it's more a case of there being too few users here who aren't already equipped. Have you considered trying to sell the licenses through your local/provincial Architectural Institute chapter/body? Or perhaps your local VW dealer can connect you with a party looking to purchase that version of the software? Just some possible avenues to consider. For what it's worth, I just looked at a side-by-side comparison of what's currently in Designer vs Architect and I must say there isn't a considerable difference between the two. Given that, #2 might be the issue... For someone to pay for your Designer licenses plus upgrade them, they really had better get good use out of Designer. Otherwise, simply getting Architect or Landmark would likely be enough for their purposes and would carry a lower VSS price going forward. -Neil
  22. That's that I would imagine... if not for the file but at some point for my brain. So, would you recommend that I use the "Layer Import" option for each of the referenced units? Aside from given me access to the units' file layers are there any other other advantages/caveats I should know? Thanks, -Neil
  23. Jim, might this be the setting that you are referring to? Organization palette > References > (Select a reference, then) Settings... > "Use this method to reference Vectorworks files:" Currently I have "Design layer viewports" selected, but I am wondering if you'd recommend I switch to "Layer Import"? And if I do switch, before I switch should I go into each unit's file and change the "Floor-1" layer in each file to "Unit-X Floor-1" to keep all of the layers recognizable in their destination file? Thanks, -Neil
  24. Yes, this part I know, and I do have "Show 3D contours" checked for my DTM. The contours are showing up as I would like them to. The problem is that the triangles also appear. I have at least figured out a workaround for this... Edit the DTM's "Graphic Properties" and set the "3D Triangles" to have 0.00 line weight. Now I can see the DTM's contours but no triangles. I think you do actually understand my other problem! At least it sounds like you do. I may resort to doing multiple references of the same units to get different visibilities, but only if this is the best/recommended/only way to achieve what I need. I would have thought that Layer Overrides for a viewport would have prevent the need to do this. -Neil
  25. In my case it's the Sheet Layer viewport that is displaying the site model with all of its triangles. Regardless, I tried your technique on that Sheet Layer viewport but there was no change to its appearance in the end. -Neil
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