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  1. Jim, Which of the changes and improvements to Renderworks would be ones that lead to longer render times (when compared to rendering the exact same file & the same settings in v2015)? Obviously new features in 2016 will add rendering time, so I'm not thinking of those features. Thanks, -Neil
  2. Thanks twk! May I share your file with others not on the Community Board? If yes, how shall I credit you? -Neil
  3. Jim, those tutorials are great! They're a superb series for gradually building up basic skills with Marionette and also for showing the power & versatility of the new feature. I've already binge-watched and rewatched them! I can hardly wait for Season 2! Thank you! -Neil
  4. +1 Indeed to JoshW and Alan Woodwell's request.
  5. I'm delving into using the "show tag in 3D" option for windows and doors and am wondering how to have the tags appear in the most "crisp" way in a rendered viewport. The viewports (which are essentially elevations) are set to render as: background - RW Realistic Colors White foreground - Hidden line (w/ Surface hatches) So far I can get the tags to look more sharp by setting the sheet layer's DPI at 300, but the VP's obviously take longer to render and the resolution is actually overkill for the building itself. Is this method the only way to get sharp looking tags, or is there another technique that I should know about? Thanks in advance, -Neil
  6. Hot off the presses is my review for the 7th edition of Jonathan's Pickup's Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual! If you are new to using the application or a seasoned user who learned it informally, you owe it to yourself to check out this manual. Read the full review here: http://paxar.ca/book-review-vectorworks-essentials-tutorial-manual-7th-edition/ -Neil
  7. michaelk, What must one do to change item or drawing numbers in the worksheet and have them change the actual sheet's number or name? Or is this even possible? (I do have automatic drawing coordination on, if that helps to know.) Thanks, -Neil
  8. Jonathan, It's great to see that you've updated this for v2015! Your Guide to Productivity is superb. I have gone through it from start to finish, and I keep referring back to it whenever I need a refresher. I have also recommended it to a few colleagues I work with and it has helped them understand Vectorworks like they never had before. They are definitely more productive & efficient AND they find they enjoy using VW even more now. In their cases, they completely overhauled the way they use Vectorworks but the Guide is equally handy if someone simply pick individual topics/tools/methods to focus on and improves at your their own pace. It's quite versatile in this regard. Keep up the great work. Thanks again! -Neil
  9. Dillon, might you be able to share one of your typical files here, with the existing layer and class setup you're using? It might help to have us check it out, as we may have suggestions how to arrange or streamline things while we wait for Jim's requests to become a reality. I know that I have certainly appreciated colleagues' input when it comes to using the software in new ways. -Neil
  10. I concur with RGCN and would LOVE the ability to have multi-views. It's actually a bit surprising that it hasn't become available in VW already given the connection to Cinema 4D. It's definitely a feature that will keep Vectorworks competitive in the face of alternative applications. Thank you for resubmitting this one Jim. And thank you RGCN for waking up this important topic. -Neil
  11. +1 I'd be interested. I have done beta's before and have been good at them, from what developers have reported back. I am good a troubleshooting and at explaining steps done in order to recreate issues. It's good to be able to help as an actual user in the field too. Also, I was born in the Chinese year of the dog so I am known for my ability to keep secrets. -Neil
  12. Hot off the presses is my review for the 6th edition of Jonathan's Pickup's Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual. If you are new to using the application or a seasoned user who learned it informally, you owe it to yourself to check out this manual. Read the full review here: http://vectorworking.novedge.com/profiles/blogs/book-review-vectorworks-essentials-tutorial-manual-sixth-edition -Neil
  13. I've reviewed everything I can find (What's New brochures, Vectorworks module comparison matrices, etc) that explains how Designer differs from Architect, but I cannot find anything that lists the actual tools/plug-ins that differ between the two. For example, Designer has Landmark's "Plant tool" in the site planning palette... What other tools are in that palette that Architect is missing. Might anyone be able to shed some light on this? Screenshots of VW palettes would be great too, if that help illustrate the differences. Actual explanations of the tools would be amazing, but I'm not expecting that level of detail... Just knowing what tools & plug-in are different should give me enough to research more. I'm curious to know this as I own Architect but find that more and more I am having to do greeter amounts of detailed site work. If the benefits of Designer (for what I do) justify the cost, I will add it. I just have to be very sure it's justifiable because not only will I be adding the cost of Designer but my VSS will get rewritten to the new price, whereas I am currently still enjoying my day 1 pricing. Thanks in advance. -Neil
  14. Thank you sir, both for checking on this and for putting in the request. -Neil
  15. JimW, Might you have any advice on how to get the left button of a Spacemouse to map to something other than scrolling through: "Using 2D navigation", "Using walkthrough navigation", "Using flyover navigation" and "Using unconstrained walkthrough navigation"? In System Preferences I have mapped the left button to a tool, and have even tried mapping it to the RM Views radial menu, but Vectorworks insists on scrolling through the above navigation modes (even after a restart of both Vectorworks and my Mac). Any thoughts? Thanks. -Neil
  16. +1 for Hidden Line with Shadows. I would use this style ALL the time. -Neil
  17. Hmm... The other line of the cross IS appearing when I turn on the "Site-DTM- Modifier" class, but then my Pads and Grade Limits modifiers are also showing. I'll have to find a way around this...
  18. The site plan's VP is definitely set to Top/Plan in the OIP, and was made which I was in Top/Plan view. If it makes a difference, in the OIP the "Projection" is also set to "2D Plan". I've tried again, and unchecking "Project Screen Objects" definitely makes those spot elevations vanish, though I know what you mean and they certainly should stay put. I've also noticed that unchecking "Project Screen Objects" makes the smoothed, curving contour lines of the proposed site model become straight lines, in case that indicates anything. Another odd thing is that the stakes I have made (as Site Modifier Objects) are set to appear with a cross, but are only showing with 1 of the 2 lines of the cross, so essentially just a single line. However, if I set the stake to be any of the other 3 modes available ("Include as site model data", "Set elev to site model", "2D graphic only") the cross appear correctly with both of its lines. -Neil
  19. That's how I was expecting it to work... but it wasn't, at least in the viewport that was my Site Plan. After some investigation though, and knowing from your description that it *should* work, I realized that the viewport's OIP setting "Project Screen Objects" was switched off. Switching that back on revealed the spot elevations. Thank you Tamsin! -Neil
  20. I was wondering if there was a way to use a Stake object to modify a site model AND have those same Stake objects appear on my site plan (basically as 2D graphics set to the elevation of the site model)? If not, what is the best practice for showing those elevation readings from the actual site model on my site plan? Must I duplicate all of my Stake objects and set those duplicates to "Use 2D Graphic only" in the OIP to get them to appear? That seems prone to errors to me, as I will likely have to fine tune the site model more in the future, so I'm hoping there is a better way. Thanks in advance! -Neil
  21. Might anyone know how to subscribe to the VSS Training section RSS feeds? The Tips & Tricks, How To and Tutorial sections all have the RSS icon near the upper right, and seem to have an RSS address for that page, but I cannot figure out how to actually subscribe to a feed. (Do note that I use lots of other RSS feeds from other sources without any issue at all.) Ideally, given the infrequency of items being posted, I would like the service "If This Then That" to send me a message when a new item is posted to one of those feeds. However, when I try to create this action at IFTTT (as I have done with many other feeds) IFTTT tells me the feed URL isn't a valid and is missing a title. I have tried other RSS readers (Postbox, Vienna, etc) and none of them can subscribe to the VSS RSS feeds either. I'm stumped.
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