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  1. Thank you all for your input, I have learned a lot and appreciate the time. I imported the symbols again and was able to fix all but one issue. The slash symbols designating the degree on the front of the Source 4 26deg or 36deg always seems to be on the "None" layer. I have tried importing the instruments again many times and even replaced with another ETC instrument that I have never used with the same results, even with a refresh. This leaves me with having to have 3 different classes visible to render things properly(My class "FOH lights", the hidden class of "lighting-incandescent" and "None"). Classes have often frustrated me. Using the lighting pipe tool to create a batten, then converting to a hanging positions also has the 6 different "hidden" classes (Pipe, tick mark...) but at least I can see and change those.
  2. Hello, I am having trouble finding the answer to this one. Lighting instruments are in a designated class but also in the lighting class with a subclass (e.g. lighting-incandescent). Where are these subclasses configurable? I deleted one of these subclasses putting them on the none class and now the none class needs to be visible. I cannot find a way to put it back or adjust it. Any help? Thank you.


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