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  1. Does anyone know how to set up a custom selection for arrows? I have a drawing that has a variety of arrow types that I want to make uniform. I have changed the arrow type in the classes but it doesn't seem to be changing the pre-existing arrow heads. There is no option for selecting arrows in the custom selection tool. Thoughts??? Thanks
  2. A great tool to have is a wall join tool that facilitate joining 2 parallel walls of different thickness. When a 12" thick wall joins a parallel 6" thick wall (one face aligned or sharing a common center line) the smaller wall must forward of the thicker one. That is not difficult but over an extended period of time working on a drawing that arrangement often changes accidentally and the final prints show a resulting undesirable line. An appropriate wall join tool would resolve that. Thanks
  3. It would be great if there was a tool for making a wall follow a path. A good example of this would be when a "squiggly" wall that needs to follow an arch based on a series of bezier or cubic spline curves. The current curved wall tool is limited in its ability to follow anything other than a simple single curve segment. Thanks.
  4. The problem patrickhubble is decribing has happened in my office BUT I don't think it is merely an accidental duplication. We have had everything on a layer (VW 12.5.3) duplicate itself in two different project files on two different computers in the past week. Each time the "offset duplication" preference was checked. The problem gets discovered when you delete an object and it does not disappear because an identical copy existed directly behind it. If this was an accidental duplication - that is to say: if someone accidentally hit the "select all" keys then accidentally hit the "duplicate" keys - the objects would not have been stacked directly as the "offset duplicate" preference was selected. I spoke to tech support about the matter but they are unfamiliar with it. I am going to submit it as a bug. I agree that some sort of purge or ability to select duplicates would be useful but I am more concerned that the problem is going to continue - it is a HUUUUGE time waster. I am unfamiliar with the "VectorBits" approach mike m oz suggested. Can anyone elaborate on what that is? Any thoughts?
  5. After switching over to Mac OSX Jaguar I found that 2 of my good old standby printers (11x17 and D size plotter) are no longer compatible and upgrades to make them so will run about $1000. As such, I am considering a new printer that will accomodate both needs. The HP100 seems to do the trick but the VW tech guys noted that their "were" some problems printing D size drawings due to something called SpoolSmart in the HP driver. There is an HP bulletin that the VW tech hooked me up with at http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/document.jhtml?lc=en&docName=bpp03857 but I am unclear as to weather or not the problem is corrected. I print 50% of my drawings at 11x17 and 50% at D size so it has to be able to work for me. If you have any experience with this printer or spoolsmart please advise. Thanks
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