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  1. I would like to know how I can insert new standards in the Structural Member category. How do I enter new usages / Member Types / New Shapes? I can not locate in the root of the software where I can put this new information, neither the own settings that comes with VectorWorks. I’m using Vectorworks 2017 SP3
  2. And if it's VW 11 or newer, the extension must be qtr.
  3. The best thing you can do is contact directly your dealer for further instructions. Only them can point you the solution for this case. If your "dealer" is NNA, you can contact him directly.
  4. Use Safari for it and also, try to see if is there any update for it available. On its previous versions it had some problems to show VectorWorks help.
  5. I tried from MacOS X using IE and Safari. Then I tried also in a PC with Win 2000 Pro and IE and nothing happens also. It?s a very strange thing. I never had this problem before.
  6. In the first updater page, I type my serial number and e-mail. Then after this page I fill in other form. On the third page I select the 11.5.1 updater. Then the next page is the problem. It doesn't show anything but a VectorWorks banner in the top of the page.
  7. Anyone else is having problems to login and download the update to VectorWorks 11.5.1. Tks.
  8. It's limited to use 256 colors only. All you can do is replace the existing colors as Delmer said.
  9. All you have to do is add the extension ".mcd" and open it. Mac doesn't use extension for files, Windows uses all the time.
  10. Yes, this problem happens on both platforms, Macintosh and Windows. Does anybody has news about this problem ? Regards.
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