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  1. Hi there everybody, I am currently trying to resolve the same issue as listed in the original post in this thread. I followed the steps above and went into spotlight preferences as instructed; however, I can't get it to do what it is supposed to. I have changed the settings to create a separate class for the beam object, but it still connects itself to the fixture and is still visible even with the beam class invisible. This is true of fixtures placed before the changes were made and ones placed after the changes were made. Am I missing something? SOLVED! I can't remove the post, but I did find that the problem is the difference between the field angle and the beam angle and I only had one changing visibility.
  2. This did repair the problem. My symbol was oriented incorrectly. I am not sure if I perfectly fixed it, but it is pretty close. Do you think a fresh install would fix the symbol? Or do you think it comes in the package messed up? I don't remember if I deleted the user data last time I did a fresh install so that could be it? I have a fix at this point. Just want to understand as much as I can. Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I have been struggling with hanging ETC fixtures on a light pipe for awhile now. My problem only happens when I try to hang ETC Source 4 19deg fixtures from the pipe. I do not have the same problem with my 17deg fixtures or my Robe movers. I have tried replacing the lights with their 26deg sister and the 26degs hang great as they are supposed to! I only have the problem with ETC Source 4 19deg. The problem is illustrated by the below images. In this first image, you can see that the ETC Source 4 26deg fixtures hang great just as they are supposed to. They also will turn and focus as they should when assigned a focus point. I took the same fixtures in the file above and did "Replace Instruments" with the 19deg instrument. In the below two images, you can see the ETC Source 4 19deg fixtures aligning themselves incorrectly along the light pipe. In the third image, the device is thoroughly messed up when I try to assign it a focus point center stage (but it points to the wall and breaks the fixture composition). Things I have tried/double checked: - the light pipes have been converted to hanging positions - I have attached the lights before I try to change the height of the hanging position to "fly" them - I am using the Lighting Instrument tool (not the symbol insertion tool) - I am making sure the hanging position highlights red in order to connect the fixture to the hanging position. - Since I first had this issue, I have done a fresh install of VectorWorks. This did not repair the problem. - I have started numerous fresh files and the problem has occurred each time (no background data somewhere messing it up in the file itself) Please let me know if I am missing something because I have watched so many YouTube videos on hanging lights and going through this process and nothing seems to fix the problem. Thank you!
  4. I am having issues with seeing different layers while I am editing. It seems like it should be a simple setting change, but I want to be able to see all the layers while I'm editing. For example, if I am editing my set, which has its own layer, I don't want my drape and lighting to be grayed out. I want Vectorworks to render all of it in Open GL so that I can see all of my layers together instead of one at a time. I'm using Vectorworks 2020 on Windows 10.
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