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  1. Also, the fixture shows up in Vision as only having one channel but lists the both the Candela and Color Temperature as "multiple", even though they are only listed once in the file. I'm attaching the .xml in case anyone is willing to take a look. Nexera test.txt
  2. I am also having problems getting GDTF fixtures to work with VW/Vision. I am trying to build a Wybron Nexera because the Nexera Fixture Mode in VW is broken. I have made a fixture in GDTF Builder and have compared the GDTF files I created with the Generic GDTF files in VW. They seem comparable. Yet I still have two major problems when I merge the fixtures into vision: Fixtures turn on when selected but do not respond to DMX. I have turned all four DMX channels to full and nothing happens. I have tried creating several different custom fixtures in EOS and none of them work. Fixtures appear in very different locations in Vision from where they are drawn in VW. Units in VW drawing are set to mm and I am merging the lights as GDTF fixtures, also using mm as units. If there are any GDTF wizards out there I'd love some advice! Thanks! Scott
  3. Thanks Kevin! I was hoping not to go that route as I'm not quite sure when to find the time to teach myself to build a GDTF fixture. I was really hoping there was a simple data mapping solution! It's good to know what is possible though, so I can focus my energy appropriately. Cheers,. Scott
  4. We have some Wybron Nexeras in a theater space that we are using for class and I need to have a Vision file of the space for students to use in a project. Unfortunately, the Nexera fixture mode for Vision seems to be broken. When the Nexeras import to Vision, the lights are constantly on and the intensity channel has no effect. The three color channels work fine and all the other fixtures work normally. (MAC 550s, MAC Auras) I assume this is an issue with data mapping. Is there a way I can fix this myself? I wrote to VW but haven't heard anything back and it is something my students need right away. Thanks! Scott
  5. Hi Mark - thanks for this tremendously helpful video! Could you explain how you offset the overhung par can? I can't seem to do that in my own drawings. I'm trying to draw a light ladder with lights overhung and underhung on the same rung. I want to preserve the 3D geometry but can't figure out how to do that without the overhung lights completely covering the underhung lights in the schematic view. Thanks! Scott
  6. Thanks Pat! I guess I'm glad that I wasn't being an idiot, though it still seems awfully labor intensive for something that could just be click and drag. It only takes one button to remove a menu from the workspace. Seems silly to require so much additional effort to add a menu. Instead of a one step-process for me, this is now something like a 150-step process. Guess I better get started...
  7. This is really stupid, but I can't figure out how to move an inactive menu into the list of active menus. I'm in the workspace editor, with the list of all the menus in the pane on the left and the list of active menus in the pane on the right. I would think I should just be able to drag an inactive menu from the left pane to the right pane but it won't allow that. I can drag a new menu over, rename it and then move each tool over individually but that seems like a stupidly labor-intensive process. What am I missing here?
  8. Thanks for your quick responses Mark! I'm curious about why you would use the style function for the situations you describe rather than using symbols. To my thinking, if I had a set inventory of pipes then I'd want to use a style to keep the overall look of the pipes consistent and then use symbols for the different lengths or pipe. That way, if I had an installation where I wanted to say, use 25cm tick marks rather than 50cm tick marks, I could just change the style and adjust every pipe in the system while still using the same symbols I always use for different pipe lengths. Otherwise, I'd have to individually re-style every pipe in the inventory to make that change. The consistency of approach makes sense to me as an argument. Though you could still have some attributes default to "on" or "off" without changing the consistency of having the "by instance" or "by style" options. And it might make it easier for beginner users to go through fewer menus to get to what seems to me would be the most likely scenario. Though, as you point out, it may only be the "most likely" from my point of view!
  9. Yes, that works - thanks! I still feel like pipe length should probably be off by default rather than having to go to a separate menu to change it to "by instance". I literally cannot think of one situation in my industry when having pipe length as a part of style would prove useful, particularly since you already need to create a symbol (with a set pipe length) in order to make a hanging position. That seems to accomplish the same thing without impinging on the style function. Still, now that I understand how to navigate, it is a real time-saver, so thanks!
  10. The lighting pipe style has the potential to be a wonderful feature. Unfortunately, it has a major downfall in that it records pipe length as part of the "style". This really hampers the effectiveness of this tool. If it didn't record pipe length, it would be a fantastic tool for quickly setting the look of every lighting pipe in the theater. As it is, you need a new "style" for every different length of pipe. That means it functions essentially the same way that a symbol does, rather than providing a unique and tremendously useful feature.
  11. Great - thanks Josh!
  12. SB Lighting


    How does the lighting pipe footprint work in Spotlight 2020? There used to be a Footprint section in the OIP but that is no longer there. I see that you can assign a footprint class but I don't see how you make the foot print visible or interact with it


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