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  1. The plot is already in 1/4 inch scale as well none of the lable classes are set to invisible... They should be there...???
  2. Hi Kevin Thanx for the help I emailed you the file I reinstalled and still had the problem I tried creating a legend in a new file and still had the problem I checked the manual again to make sure I was setting up the lable legend properly Can someone tell me what I'm missing?
  3. OK, I'm on another Computer now...The file opened OK but I'm still having the same problem..... I will try reinstalling on the laptop while I keep trying on the desktop to make it work..... FYI The lables on this plot have never shown up since I first set up the lable legend for the venue... I did do one other small plot before this and did not have this problem.... I'm pretty sure the resourse is not missing off the Desk top I think that is an additional problem
  4. Don't know why but... I can't seem to get any of my lables visable even though I have the wanted fields checked in the Choose Fields dialouge box.... when I go to edit the legend all I can see is the instrument symbol but none of the lables show up?? It's my first vector works lx plot help??? Version 10
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