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  1. @zoomer During this period of my life I like to use 3D modeling as a substitute of real model making; so right now I'm not looking forward to photorealistic results but, instead, a like to emphasize lights, shadows, volumes... these are only the first studies we are making. I'll try to follow your suggestions, maybe the can help me to achieve a sort of "Maquette style" renderings.
  2. Thank you! It is a school project, my final design studio at Politecnico di Milano. Anyway, I managed to fix the “shadow length” problem turning off the “soft shadow” option. For the shadow brightness, yes I usually add ambient light. Do you suggest to turn completely off (or better, as you said, to set it to 0) and control the illumination of the scene just with the heliodon tool?
  3. Hi! First time I post here. I'm experiencing some troubles with the shadows of my project. As you can see in the first screenshot attached, the shadows in OpenGL are perfectly fine: But, when I render with my custom renderworks settings (and actually with every renderworks style), I don't know why, the shadows are suddenly "wrong", "too short" and "too clear": I thank you in advance and hope that you can help understand why the rendered shadows are wrong and how to darken them. Andrea


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