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  1. I’m running Vectorworks 2021 on Mac Book Pro under Monterey 12.0.1 OS. The Mac is connected directly to the BlackMagic box via Thunderbolt 3 cable supplied with the box. I don’t have any external monitors connected. I’ve checked the software to ‘ Prefer external GPU. The Mac can ‘see’ the box as its on the activity monitor and on the menu bar. Absolutely nothing happens in Vectorworks. When rendering a drawing it is only using the internal Intel graphics card. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this? I’m really disappointed as I thought it was going to make things much faster.
  2. Every time I add extra leader lines on the call out tool Vectorworks 2021 crashes out. Anyone else had this?
  3. Yes, you were right it was a meadow hatch. Thanks so much for your response, all sorted now!
  4. Attached screenshot of strange characters that appear above the text in a viewport. In the screen shot are the Landscape Area settings. There is nothing in any other layers either. Any idea how to get rid of these please?
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