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  1. Hi, I'm going to test it thoroughly coming week and let you know! :-) Cheers, Dennis
  2. Hello, I'm using Filemaker to connect to Vectorworks. All is set up as supposed, and it works both ways. So changing data in Filemaker reflects those changes in the database connected records, and vice versa. But, if I touch the "Update Vectorworks Document" in the Tools/Database menu, Vectorworks crashes immediately. Can anybody help, or has similar experiences, or perhaps best practices? There is not a lot to find if it comes to errors returned from the ODBC driver and by now it seems like a completely obsolete function if the updating vice versa is not working. Would love to share more system information, but for now: - MacOS 10.14 Mojave - VW2020sp3 - Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 - Actual Technologies ODBC Manager 1.0.19 Thanks!
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