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  1. @Sebastiaan Did you received any feedback on this? I'm having the same issues with it... Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the plugin! Looks like a great tool! I'm playing around with it atm, but i'm I missing something or is it not possible to link trusses to a position label when you're in the annotations view in a viewport? Thanks!
  3. Hi hi i'm re-working my workflow and try to do as much as possible with schematic views as I really like the feature to make building plots, although I got stuck sometimes because the way I use the system... That's why I was wondering how other people are using it. - Do you create a hanging position of a complete truss? Or all pieces separate? Or not at all? Because this impacts how you can use schematic views... (if you create a hanging position of the complete truss you can not split them apart in a schematic view and create a detailed building plot...) (if you don't create a hanging position you are missing some useful information you can use to for data tags...) - I love working with data tags; as this is not available how do you guys get along with it? - Did anybody found a way to "auto" label schematic views so you know for example that a certain item is one piece of the complete truss? Tips / Tricks are welcome


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