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  1. Hi guys is there a quick way to copy a value like Fixture number to Channel number on all fixtures? The reason for this is for MVR export some programs use Channel info some use Fixture number info. thanks
  2. Thanks Josh Yea Lighting Instruments work fine shame about the truss insert tool.. Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks Guys for your help. So i used the SetActSymbol with another Resource and worked exactly as i expected it to what is great. Still issues with Truss as Josh mentioned im guessing this is because its part of the truss insertion tool what is kinda annoying. I made a few scripts for different types of resources like light fittings and also some for truss at different lengths. all the light fittings worked but when going through the scripts for the different lengths of truss it just selected the last used length of truss not the length in the script..
  4. Hi guys trying to make a script to select a symbol resource as a bit of a quick tool for most used symbols. is this the right direction at the moment it only selects the last used symbol not the one in the SetActSymbol line BEGIN PushAttrs; IF NOT CallToolByName('InsertTruss') THEN CallTool(1); SetActSymbol('Truss Straight GLP-Cosmic Truss F44100 400x400x1000'); PopAttrs; END; Thanks
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