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  1. Does anyone know about lighting control other than the "ambient" and "sun position"? Where do I find interior light settings?
  2. How (can) can I control internal light conditions. Is it possible to assign luminosity to objects? If I use a lamp from the resource browser is it possible to adjust the output levels? Any general lighting hints would be great.
  3. Using VW Architect with Renderworks. Trying to get my head around Site Modelling. Have been unable to generate a textureable surface or create sections from the site model. have been using the "2d Polygons to 3d Polys" to generate model. Any advice for a novice site modeller would be appreciated.
  4. In one drawing only the "glass sliding doors" showed transparent. All the other "windows" and "french doors" showed solid. I had to replace all the windows with sliding dooors and adjust the settings to make them appear as the windows I wanted. They were all the same class and fill. I have tried setting the windows to be "no fill", but no luck. I have also set the wall to be "no fill" but this makes no difference. Are there any absolute settings which have to be activated in order for the glass panes to show transparent?
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