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  1. Hi again, They are not part of the polyline. It's hard to tell with the long polyline selected, but it's blue not orange. The fact that it's selected makes it look red, but it's not. Thank you again for your help! I'm doing homework and it just sucks when I can't move forward because I don't have the info I need. Really appreciate the lightening fast responses. ~M
  2. Hey Pat! OK, sweet. The bullseye thing is where I found the "L:" measurement. so you've confirmed I'm ok there. Re. the poly line-- Sorry, some of these terms are new to me...so if it's a poly line that doesn't form a closed shape, the length of the entire thing (from end to end, all the individual little line sections added up) is the perimeter? So 173' 1.438" for the line selected in this screenshot? Thank you SO much for responding so fast!! ~Melissa
  3. For a line created with the simple line tool, where can I find the Length of the line in the OIP? (select the little circle and it's the "L: " measurement?) For a polyline, same question? Where can I find the length (Perimeter?) Thanks, ~Melissa PS - Hey vectorworks...it would be helpful to have this information in the help articles about lines! Lots of people have asked this question with no clear answer other than people telling them to create a worksheet -- way more than needed if one just wants to know the length of one simple little freakin' line (without measuring it in Dims/Notes)!


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