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  1. @Harry McQuillen Yes, Dropbox works with VW. Very well, in fact. What Matt was saying is that OneDrive doesn't integrate with Vectorworks Cloud Services like Dropbox does.
  2. @khertzog If you haven't found the answers for yourself already, I'll try to offer some insight. One of the advantages to cloud services (in general, ie Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc) besides file sharing is the ability to not have all files stored or sync'd locally, as you've described. However, the way that these services work is that whenever you open a file (of any sort, not just VW) the file is sync'd to the local machine so that you can view or make change to the document. Some services offer previews of typical, everyday files (JPEG, PDF, docs, etc), but besides just previewing or printing a file, any document will most likely be sync'd to the local machine to perform work. Once changes are made to a document and saved, the updated file is pushed back to the cloud for storage. So, no matter what cloud service is used, it is most likely a fact that a local copy will always have to be sync'd to your computer before you can open it. Sorry to crush any hopes ūüôā . Vectorworks Cloud Services does provide some ways of just viewing a model online through a browser and not doing any editing, if that is way you are going for. Now, some cloud services will let you specify which files stay on your local machine at all times. This makes it so that at least the VW file will already be sync'd to your local machine and you don't have to wait for the VW file to both sync and open. These options are usually found by right clicking on a file in the file explorer. Sharepoint/Onedrive shows "Always keep on this device"(local computer) vs "Free up space"(keep on cloud unless opened): Dropbox does something similar with its "Smart Sync" feature, "Local" or "Online Only": HTH. Eliot
  3. The time and amount of data transfer you mention above indeed seems quite odd. We've seen a file of this size take up to a few minutes to sync, but not 20. The number of items that have been added or changed, as well as CPU and internet speeds can all play into this though... As Pat mentioned, and the thread he shared discusses, when properly implemented Dropbox uses Delta Sync to only sync the changes from the working file to the project file. Nothing that I can find talks about having to set up settings within Dropbox for this to happen though, it's automatically integrated, so I can't point to anything here.... As discussed in the Knowledge Base article that you found, SMB is now the preferred protocol for either OS, so if you are currently using AFP it might be an OK idea to switch to SMB. I had thought about this as a possibility as well, but if you have the project sharing settings set to backup every 5 commits, this is most likely not the issue. Just want to be sure and clarify something here. If you are going to create a new project file from your existing working file, make sure everyone has committed and released their changes and that you have refreshed you working file as you said, then you want to "Save A Copy As" and choose a normal vwx file extension. You can then make a new project file out of that file and your team can get new working files from this new project. I would say try to create a new project file and see how it goes. Check out this specific post from the thread above for general Dropbox guidelines just to double-check, then go about creating a new project file using SMB.
  4. Hey @willofmaine Glad to hear that the individual release functionality is working well for you! To speak of project sharing in general, this depends on the type of storage being used. For Dropbox, your assumption is correct in that only the changes are synced back to the project file. If you had to estimate the "some time" you mentioned, what would it be?
  5. @SharonP If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, I don't believe that it is directly possible within VW. When I read your post I figured "oh, this should certainly be possible", so I played around with some symbols for a little while. I couldn't find the solution but figured someone else had to have asked about this before, so I went on a search. I found some other forum posts, so I've linked them here. It seems that although symbols can be placed on the active class upon insertion, the elements within symbol definitions are static and do not have the ability to take on the properties of the active class. If this is indeed the functionality you are looking for, there are some workarounds that people discuss in the posts below. There are many people here on the forums that would like this to be possible...this topic is currently ranked #14 on the Wishlist.
  6. You're welcome, glad I could help. Exactly. I would agree, that pop-up is not as straight forward as it should be because it only speaks to half of the action that is going to take place if you click the "Commit" button. In the File menu of VW, the save and commit command does only the action of syncing the working file with the project file. But on this pop-up, clicking the "Commit" button is actually performing two separate tasks, both a save and commit and a release all objects/layers. The part about releasing all objects is missing from the description on the pop-up.
  7. Welcome to the adventure of project sharing! Project sharing is extremely helpful, but (as with any tool) some functionality can be confusing. The quick answer is that it IS possible to release only some items at once...if you go through the correct steps. Objects or layers must be saved and committed to the project file before you can release individual objects or layers via the right click context menu, modify menu, or custom release. For example, a more detailed explanation: I have the circles and polygon checked out (as you can see by my purple user outline on the objects) and have edited something about them: If I try to right click on one of the circles to try and release it individually, I would get the message you were finding: This is because any changes to objects within the working file must be saved and committed to the project file before being able to be released. The only option is to commit all changes or discard all changes at this point because Vectorworks does not have the ability to save and commit individual items or layers. Therefore, if you want to release an item, Vectorworks has to save and commit your entire working file to the project file (and apparently, through this specific menu, releases all items as well). So, this isn't the functionality we are looking for. The process to make individual/custom releases is as follows: After working with all your objects/layers, go to File->Save and Commit. When the menu comes up, uncheck the "automatically release checked out layers and objects": This will save and commit all of your changes to the project file, but will not release any of the objects or layers you have check out. Vectorworks will remind you of this with the following pop-up: So, now anyone else working on the project can see my circles and polygon, but they can't edit them as I still have them checked out. A much more realistic example is if I was adding walls to a building and wanted my team to be able to see them, so they could work on other aspects of the project, but I wanted to maintain my ability to change the walls if needed. Now (since I've saved and committed), if I wanted to release just the circles, I could right-click on each circle and pick the release option, select both circles and go to Modify->Release, or perform a custom release like the picture below: Now my circles have been released back to the project file and other members of my team can check them out. I know this as the circles no longer have my purple user color outline: Hope this helps!! Eliot


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