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  1. I guess by default a selected wall has a little black square at each end with a small arrow pointing the direction it was drawn in.I'm not complaining just curious if there was a setting for changing this? Bob L.
  2. Is there a "create walls from polygon tool" in VW Architect 10.5? I'm trying to create walls from a rectangle or a polygon. I can't seem to find it. Bob L.
  3. Thanks for the input.It restores my confidence to hear from others that its not me even though I'm new atVW 10.5 I may choose to use the "Drawing Border-Arch" tool in the arch.tool palett. a dialogue box pops up and its easy to enter title block info. would anyone agree this could be another way to go. Hopefully I wouldn't have to enter the duplicate title block info. on every single sheet. This would take more time.I don't know if thats possible. Thanks Bob L.
  4. I need to find a faster and easier way to set up the border and title block. What do most people use. predefined style,or simple? Is there any disadvantage in choosing predefined ConDoc ? It seems to work ok and there are no distracting grid lines . I read that this is a parametric where Sheet Arch or ASME are 2D symbols. I thought I remember reading that the issue mgr. wouldn't function properly, when this parametric title block is used. Any thoughts on that. Thanks Bob L
  5. could you explain the procedure (steps) to"enter the symbol and set the class of these elements to nonplot"?
  6. No. The 'Non Plot' class is not active. The 'none' class is active. Ive tried setting up a new drawing over and over again. When I select The predefined style, Sheet Arch D, and run "create standard sheets", the The title block and border come in ok ,but purple/blue lines are there. The lines appear in every sheet no matter what class is active.When I zoom in on the lines, I see they are actually dashed lines spaced evenly 4 vertically and 3 horizontally. They are not guide lines or page break lines.
  7. Robet A. Thanks for your tip however it didn't work. I went into the classes and made the Non Plot class invisible. it had no effect. the lines and word are still in the middle of the drawing area. any other suggestions. Thank you Im sure it is something very simple.
  8. Ive selected pre-defined Arch D type sheet boarders to begin my drawing. why is there blue lines running both directions and a Diagonal Stamp "Arch D" in the center of the drawing area. How do I turn off the lines (its not page break lines) I unchecked that option already.Thanks someone out there. Bob L
  9. Yes Robert. The walls highlight when using the wall tool. I must clarify. The wall does connect ok, however it is not a clean connection. one line is left and I then have to use the join cavity wall tool to open it up to form a clean connection. by the way,when I edit the wall type to "single cavity" It makes a clean connection. Thanks for your input.
  10. Im new. I just got VW Architect 10.5. I can't get the walls to join when drawing with the wall tool. my wall type is standard 2x4x96 . I have 3 cavities checked.stud with drywall each side. I can't get an interior wall to join cleanly to an exterior wall. The "Auto join Walls" is checked by default in the preferences. Its a pain to have to select the wall Join tool or the Cavity Join tool and mess with the wall every time I join a wall. The five default constraints are still set. Any help would be appreciated. I'm really opptomistic about this program.


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