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  1. Hey There, I am trying to use the NURNS Roadway tool to modify a site. The class settings appear to be correct and work with a Poly Road. However when applied to a NURBS road and with site modifier turned on they have no affect on the site. What am I doing wrong? Project attached. ValeVistaDrawing.vwx
  2. I ended up using the clip cube and manually drawing poly lines at each elevation step. Not fast, but it worked. Thanks!
  3. Hey There, I wondering if there is a more automated workflow for turning a 3D scan of a hillside into a site object? The trick is the scan has lot's of trees, brush, cars, houses, etc. Besides cleaning those points off prior to import, am I stuck manually drawing the poly lines? With the clip cube not visible in plan view how can I even view a planar cut? Thanks in advance,


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