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  1. I can see the benefit of a separate application. It could be a free download, the same as DWG true view from autocad. Unlike that application, it would be good if it can batch an entire directory including subfolders containing more than one file type...

    We vectorworks users spend far too much time converting to and from DWG for everyone else, that it seems like the last straw to not be able to open our own files either!

    The article by Jerome P. McDonough raises issues I've been worried about with macintosh - I think there's far too much integration between your files and applications. Look at how iphoto takes over your photo folders. Try to drag and drop your photos to an external disk or DVD and you will see the problem with integrating files into an application.

  2. Resource fork problem really sucks. I think its happening because the operating system OSX is really UNIX with a pretty mac interface. Mac OS died with system 9, as did the apple file system. The way OSX lets you have files without extensions is a kludge that works sometimes and sometimes doesn't.

    The old files appear in the finder as 'Unix Executable File" with a little icon that looks like a black screen with a command line. If you know what the file is, then you can add the file extension manually, and the file will magically turn into the correct file type complete with icon.

  3. Finished converting files. "Only" took 3 weeks! :sleep:

    I installed system 9, minicad 5, vectorworks 8, vectorworks 12.5 on an old machine.

    My tips from this experience: vectorworks 2008 is unstable. In order to batch convert vectorworks 8 files to current version, you need to batch convert them using vectorworks 12 first. Then batch convert in vectorworks 2008 will run smoothly.

    Make sure your files all have the relevant .mcd or .vwx file extension, or you will never be able to find them all. Mac operating system has the habit of losing the resource fork of files so without the file extension, you will be left guessing whether you are looking at a cad file or not.

  4. to Bewdley

    have you tried the osx system preference pane 'keyboard and mouse' and tried fiddling around with the keyboard shortcuts? I clicked the restore defaults button, this seemed to fix things...

    also try switching between workspaces in vectorworks, to see if it is just your workspace gone wrong...

  5. Hi

    If you check the support page for the design jet printers at hp you will see that there is big fat Zero support for the older HP plotters. We have a 488ca and have the same problem. Gimp print under os x at least allows us to keep using the printer, but it is worth noting that it was developed by unpaid enthusiasts and not HP or apple. So we have to put up with it in the mean time, as apple considers things like desktop widgets a higher priority than making stuff work for their professional users. Which is a bit rude considering that we were the ones who stuck with them through the beige computer years. RANT RANT RANT.

  6. Oh yeah - forgot to mention - when I print to pdf i'm using the ADOBE pdf printer, not the built in mac osx pdf printer - if you have adobe acrobat professional, you will have this printer driver, which works because it creates a ps file which is then processed by a distiller application. Otherwise no such luck. Something else I just thought of: try doing page setup and changing the 'format for' setting to your canon printer. often if it is on 'any printer' it won't work when printing to laser printers for some reason. On our printer if you have 'any printer' selected you get lines only but no text.

    It is interesting that you can print to the epson: With this set up as your printer, can you create pdfs? if you can print to it, you should be able to make a pdf.

    Another way to make pdfs: export as epsf from the export menu, then open the epsf file with the preview application. This takes a while and you will probably loose things like shading, but if your drawing is only linework, then it should be ok.

  7. ignore that "javascript:void(0)" comment. it just appeared when i posted my reply... I was trying to use those smiley faces in the reply form and it all went wrong.

    I have been having similar problems with my kyocera printer - see my post:


    I eventually worked out that the ppd files stored in the Library>Printers folder were to blame and that an earlier version of the ppd files from Kyocera worked. ie: the new printer drivers on the Kyocera web site weren't working anymore.

    If you use the printer utility and click the get printer info button on each of your macs, it will tell you which version of the ppd driver is installed. Then have a look on the internet on canon's web site and see if a newer version is available. In my case, it was the new one that was the problem, so I was lucky to have a copy of the old printer drivers around. If you have a disk that came with your printer and that had osx printer drivers, you could always try reinstalling them.

  8. Hi

    Here's something that can be done when all else fails:

    Print to pdf! javascript:void(0)

    Then open this file and then print that to the canon printer.

    Hopefully, this will work and give you time to do your assignment, rather than trying to fix the computer, which is best left for a time when you have nothing better to do...


  9. Hah!

    Fixed it! Only took a day. Mind you the date is Friday 13th!

    I discovered that one of our older Macs could still print. I then went to the folder:


    on the working computer and copied the folder


    from the working computer to all the other macs in the office.

    This fixed it!

    The newer kyocera ppd files were version 7.8 while the old computer hadn't been updated for a while and had still had a version 7.2 ppd file for the kyocera.

    Seems that kyocera had stuffed up their new ppd files somewhere along the way. I will give them an email.

    Anyway - this was triggered by installing tiger - so NEXT time I won't install until AFTER apple releases a 'point one' update!

  10. Hi

    Have upgraded our office from panther to tiger and we are now unable to print to our Kyocera KM2030 printer from vectorworks! We can still print to our HP designjet plotter. Also, just to add to the mystery, we are able to print to the kyocera from every other application - just vectorworks printing to the Kyocera is broken. Have reset the printing, reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled the system, reinstalled vectorworks...

    Has anyone got any ideas??? This is a bit of a drama for us!

  11. Hi

    I previously posted saying that OSX 10.3 broke the printing on VW 9.5.3.

    I can now say that the OSX 10.3.2 upgrade fixes the printing issue. Have it running on 7 macs in our office with no problems.

    However, it is a good idea to save the files you are working on before changing workspaces...this can be a bit dicey.

  12. Hi

    I've installed panther on one of our spare computers to check for bugs before doing a mass install. Quite glad I did, if I may say so.

    So yes, I can confirm that Vectorworks 9.5.3 cannot print once panther is installed. The crash is after you press the print button - VW9 quits without warning!

    We will probably delay installation of panther until we can justify upgrading all our VW licences.

    Having said that, panther is better in every other respect and has made the iBook 366 I did our test on seem like a new computer - everything appears to happen twice as fast as under jaguar - which is quite a shock, I'm used to upgrades making things go sloooooowerrrrr. :-(


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