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  1. Yes that's of course an option, but I was thinking that the record would already contain the measurements, weight, material and so on... Thanks though 😃
  2. Hi Does anyone have a good record format for all the different GIGS Barricades? Or do I create one myself? Thanks!
  3. @Tom W. and @Pat Stanford aaaaaaah. I knew I missed something. You're the best. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you @Pat Stanford! Maybe I'm really stupid, but I can't get that to work. When I try to type in Column D, I can't. Not sure why. But, if I move down to Row 4 (or 5 and so on), it works. I want 228*4 in this case (Column B*Column C). Thank you again!
  5. Sorry, I just found out that I was logged out from this forum somehow and didn't get any notifications that I got a reply from you. No, still in need of a solution for the thing above. Actually what I want is something like this: Column A Column B Column C Column D Setting type. # of units. # of ppl/unit. Total of people In Excel I just use the sum function in column D, but in VW I can't... Thanks!
  6. Many thanks! I keep on going then 😃 New issue that I ran in to today. How can I sum up the different values in this instance? Every bench can hold 4 persons, the chairs can hold 1 person. I want to sum up the totals to make it easy for client to understand how many benches and chairs that are needed, and how much people will fit on each seating type. So when I do =B2*C2 I get the total amount (284*6) instead of 234*4. How can I do this for each row to make the Total sum correlate with each type of seating? I want a sum for 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 separated. Thank you for all your help! martin
  7. That worked like a charm!! Wow, thank you! I would never had figured that out! Many thanks!
  8. Thanks! You're right @Tom W., the information I use comes from a record. I use Pop-up as function. Isn't it possible to use popup with a sum-function? @Pat Stanford, the fields will never contain anything but digits, so it shouldn't be a problem then right? I did some updates on my drawing and worksheet, here's how it looks now: Here' a screenshot of my record format it might supply with some info. (I've used "Name" to connect with a data visualization, just so you know 😃 Thanks all! // Martin
  9. Thanks! So instead of using the SUM-function, I'll just use "=D2". Did I get that right?
  10. Had no clue, nice to know 😃 So, how do I make these numbers add upp? All I get is "12". The line names are "2.1, 2.2, 2.3" and so on.... Thanks!
  11. I have a couple of WMS links I want to use in VW. All links and layers show up just fine in QGIS, but VW just won't make it. It's constant problems with errors and just blank views. How on earth do I stack several WMS links in VW23 (Designer) so I can use that as background when I do my drawings? Many thanks!
  12. Hi, Every time I'm importing stuff from the resource manager they get their default class properties, which is fine in some occasions, but not in some. In this instance I've got a drum kit with several nested objects inside a group, within a group, within a symbol, within.... you get the drift. Now I want to change every single object inside the "Drum kit"-group and turn them into a new class, like "SET-Drum kit". How do I do this? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I think it answers the question, but do I have to buy a plugin for this specific feature then? Warm regards, Martin
  14. Hi, I struggle to make an image fit on a wide LED screen. It's a square image and I want it centered on the LED-screen. Even though I've unchecked "Tile Image" boxes (Horizontal and Vertical) the image tiles. Since the size of the LED most likely will vary I don't want to have different files. Can someone help me figure this one out? Thanks!
  15. This life of mine is so super weird. After so(oooo) many attempts on trying to change the class setting without no result, today it just worked. I have no idea why it works now, but it does... I hade the container class set to black without any result for so long time, but today, eureka! 😃 Thanks!
  16. Hi, I want to make all my wall-fills to turn black instead of this grayish fill. How do I do that? I know I've changed it somewhere before but can't figure out where anymore, This is from a viewport with Detail level: Low. When I change to Medium or High I get the insulation and stuff visible which I don't want. Class is set to black fill and black lines. Thanks!
  17. AH! Now I see! I didn't realise it appeared when I activated this setting. You're the best! Thank you!!
  18. I see. I thought there was a way to visually draw a line to where I want the depth to "end".
  19. I'm trying like a crazy-one but just can't find the interactive dotted line you're mentioning. Here's what I can edit (as you see, not much more then the actual position of the section cut)
  20. Sorry for such late reply. I didn't see that I got a reply from you. Many thanks, I'll have a look into this!
  21. Wonderful!!! And, hopefully, last thing: how do I edit where the section depth? 😃 Many, many thanks!
  22. On the same note @Tom W., would you know by any chance how to do the same thing, but the other way around, when it comes to section cuts? My end-goal is to have a section with the most up-close objects in more bold lines and fills, and the ones behind the cut plane to be a specific line- and fill color. To create some kind of depth to the drawing but not have to fiddle around with the classes if I change the section cut. Cheers!
  23. Nice one! the "Z"-command didn't do the trick, but "Use world origin" did. Not sure why, but now I'm good 😃 Many thanks!
  24. I think I got it! Much easier now to understand what's associated with what floor, thanks! So, a follow-up on that: now when I make two different layers with walls, how do I match the texture on both floors? Now it looks like this: This seems a bit tricky to say the least. I'll dig into this and see what I can find. Thank you!
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