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  1. So, Vectorworks/my workstation does still directly communicate with the shared file? - I wished, Vectorworks would communicate with the server-app which should be able now to manage more then one person committing and refreshing changes simultaneously, right? Or does VW still communicate with the shared file, as well?
  2. Just another idea: priority levels from 1 to x, which set the importance of the chosen criteria. level 2 criteria are set in one bracket, level 3 in 2 brackets... I think, this could be a way, to solve that issue in a rather simple and comprehensive way. More complicated criteria sets so still have to be written in "manual-code". what do you think? (2 options...) @elepp @Hugues
  3. btw, the first in the introduction of vector script is basing mainly on the Message-command. I'm sure, the page hasn't been touched for a rather long time, however, a quite unsatisfying "first script" for beginners ;-).
  4. yeah, that's what a friend already recommended me to do from the beginning. πŸ˜‰ I think I have to rewrite my script in python asap.
  5. Hi, I try to put out some Info via the message bar. (i actually am thinking about some kind of progress bar) Unfortuntately their doesn't appear any text in the message bar... any ideas? (it's the first example script from the developer-page) πŸ˜‰
  6. could you eventually visualize your ideas with a screenshot and a photoshop-collage? I still am thinking about alternatives how to enhance the actual criteria-dialogue.
  7. I could imagine like in the following screenshot. Maybe with a checkbox to enable or disable the functionality, so, users who don't care about "&" and "|" don't have to think about it. However, if you already start to use worksheets with criteria filters setting logical links is an elementary thing.
  8. @Pat Stanford I know about the Database Formula. I can edit it also in former Vectorworks-Versions, immediately after having left the dialogue. in my opinion, worksheets are a rather good feature in Vectorworks. However, not being able to edit & and | is quite a limitation for getting deeper in good worksheets. I think their should already exist an Enhancement Request...
  9. Hi, I like working on worksheets in Vectorworks, however, Vectorworks tends to set "&" and "|" connections for Database-criteria rather randomly. (with a logic behind it, but, not always matching my aims) As you can see in the screenshot, i want to filter all Rooms which are bathrooms from Building nr. 1 However, everytime I try to set these criteria, Vectorworks writes: "=DATENBANK(((R IN ['Wohnung']) & (('Wohnung'.'Zimmertyp'='Bad') | ('Wohnung'.'Haus-Nr'=1))))" I always have to switch in "=DATENBANK(((R IN ['Wohnung']) & (('Wohnung'.'Zimmertyp'='Bad') & ('Wohnung'.'Haus-Nr'=1))))" Can't you implement the option of setting the logical connection for "And" "Or" or "not" directly in criteria dialogue? That would be quite, recommended (not great) (like in the second screenshot)
  10. @JBenghiat @Pat Stanford I finally made it πŸ˜„ (with a week off vacation inbetween πŸ˜‰ ) It works. I hope there is nothing strange in that script. I decided not to use the critstring. I didn't get it working, now without critstring the script works fine. Thanks a lot for your help!
  11. another idea would be asking designexpress for a trial version of Vectorworks. They're the reseller in the Netherlands. (just an idea) Or ask the person where you have your Vectorworks file from to convert you a dwg. https://www.designexpress.eu/nl
  12. !!!!! another project with bimcollab and all of our planning partners have plugins in there software, only Vectorworks doesn't
  13. here you have been using Concat instead of Num2Str, why not, seems much easier...
  14. @JBenghiat packing single quotes into a string can be a lot of fun, i guess πŸ˜‰ thank you
  15. Yes, Iβ€˜ve already solved that problem with three variables for one issue, the first is REAL or INTEGER, the second one is a STRING and the third one a ...CHAR variable, num2str converts my REAL or INTEGER into a STRING... works fine thanks a lot I will check out the rest tomorrow πŸ€—
  16. Did I understand right, that I have to pack two procedures in one script? like that:
  17. oh, excuse me, I have been translating directly from german. I want to select objects by record fields and not by their names and assign new data to other record fields. Let's say, "get me all geometry(=rectangles, polygons,...)" who match "(('Apartment',Housing'=HNr) &('Apartment',Apartmentnumber'=ANr)) and assign the values for total-nr of rooms and total area to a record field in every room-geometry of this apartment... Somehow it seems to me, that it isn't possible to assign an object to a handle which is chosen by a record field and not by its name... (and now I try to limit myself to assigning single objects to that handle πŸ˜‰ ) sorry for bothering
  18. @Pat Stanford great, thank you! Now I took notice of that functions, too πŸ˜„
  19. i wrote a message to the german serviceselect-team, too πŸ˜‰ so they can implement it in the german translation, at least
  20. sorry, but, then the tooltip in the worksheet-functions-window is bad. (or maybe it's the translator's fault? I don't know) πŸ˜‰
  21. Hi, sorry for bothering again πŸ˜‰ but, you have been really of help!!! thanks a lot! i want to assign data to record fields of more objects. Is this possible? Or am I right when I say, that: - I can assign only one single object to a handle - I can only assign an object to a handle by its (in the Vectorworks-file) unique name? I`d prefer selecting more objects by database attributes and assign the data simultaneously to more than one object... Somehow I think, that I want to much, now. πŸ˜” Do I? Thanks for you great help, anyway!
  22. Sometimes there are missing things in Vectorworks which are really elementary... like having a doorbell at home without a button at the entrance-door for ringing... nearly. Actually I'm wondering again, what the worksheet-"sum" function really is for, when it's just for adding more variables one to the other instead of calculating a sum of a defined area. In Excel the function does look the following way: "SUM(A1:A20)" and it does create a sum from the complete cell-content from cell "A1" to cell "A20". (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/sum-function-043e1c7d-7726-4e80-8f32-07b23e057f89) could be a greatnew feature for Vectorworks 2022 Maybe people don't need it very often, but, when you need this function, you really miss it.
  23. And Num2Str also does work with Integer instead of Real variables.
  24. Is it really necessary, to create a new worksheet, everytime I run the script again? a) or can I "assign the worksheet to the handle in another way, too? (still looking for the way) b) is there any way, to check, wether a worksheet of a specific name already exists in the file? worksheet := CreateWS('Wohnungstypen-Auto', 5, 2); SetWSCellFormulaN(worksheet, zeile, 1, zeile, 1, inString);
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