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  1. Hello - i found some old posts on this however not really what i am looking/hoping for.... Is there a way to create a skirting without building into the wall style? for example just dragging along the walls to place there in front? wishful thinking i hope!! thank you
  2. oh great! the scale command worked perfectly for the sofa ... is quite heavy/meshy but will do for this one room! for bathroom fixtures indeed might be a little more tricky but will play around (I think i also had problems as i had the settings from when i built my shell). Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi there, I have been trying for hours to import 3d files from some suppliers to VWX however something always seems to go wrong. To much mesh / wrong scale ... etc etc.... Does anyone have any experience with what files type works best - DWG , MAX , OBJ ?? or others.... (this in itself could save time first) If so, perhaps you have a work flow that you could share to make the model usable? I am driving myself crazy here. Finally it seemed okay with the OBJ file (with textures on it) and then i realised the scale was MINI .... ANY help would be appreciated as the VWX library is not so diverse (yet!! I hope!!) Thank you so much for any help in advanced Ali
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