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  1. Bob, The problem with this is that it forces you to instantiate the object at some temporary location, and then move the object to the new location. Other packages allow you to instantiate the new object at exactly the location that you want to place it. This is strange since the dialog box for which is invoked when you select to place a circle seems to have enough information to place a circle defined by radius and center point. quote: Originally posted by Bob Armbruster: Brian, I use the object info palette window to move objects to arbitrary locations. Just create a circle. Next, with the circle selected, go into the object info window and change coordinates, radius, etc. I love being able to use either cartesian and polar coordinates by just clicking a button. This window is great for resizing with coordinates, too. Select an object, go into the object info window and choose the object's handle that you want to change from. Then change the coordinates or size.
  2. I am hoping this would be the case, but even in speaking with Deihl, there doesn't seem to be any way to place objects at relative distances from existing points (such as placing a circle a relative distance from line endpoints). They seem to recognize the limitation. My guess was that there must be some overall philosophy or feature that would negate the need for realtive modes with ALL commands; this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm aware of the coordiate input box, and the delta options that are *sometimes* available. There are other curious things about Vectorworks - there doesn't seem to be a way to place, say, a circle at an arbitrary location by just invoking the circle command and entering absolute coords. I believe you have to set a locus point first. I am sincere in wanting to get Vectorworks to work for me, as it appears to be a quality product. Although I expect some things to work differently (maybe even better), some of these difference are impossible to live with. Thanks for replying to my mail; I welcome any other advice you may have! +Brian quote: Originally posted by sakkaraju: Vectorworks has the BEST support of relative co-ordinates. I am ex user of AutoCAD and DesignCAD. I do not plan to look back on those peices of software ever again. Learn how to use the constraints palette and learn how to use the co-ordinate inputs in those little boxes on the top of the window. Spend a few mins playing around with the software, and I assure you that you will never go back!! BTW, I am just a satisfied user of the software and do not work for Diehlgraph.
  3. I just started seriously working with Vectorworks, and noticed that it does not appear to support relative coordinates in the way that many other CAD systems do (ACAD, DesignCAD). Since I'm used to having this capability, I'm considering switching to another package. Has this been a problem for anybody else? If anybody has a workaround for this, other than the use of locus points, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks! Brian
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