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  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. very helpful! don't worrie I copied ways updated vectorworks onto my computer. regards
  2. Can't install the SP2R3 service pack: Get the same error when installing from the disk and downloading the service pack and installing from local HD. Error message: "There was an error finding the installer.nemetschek.net on the internet.Perhaps your ISP's DNS is not set properly" Have allowed the installer programe to work through the fire wall . Installer log: U P D A T E R plugInSupportFile: C:\PROGRA~2\VECTOR~1\Plug-Ins\Plug-In Support.vlb executableName: C:\Program Files (x86)\VectorWorks 2008\VectorWorks2008.exe executable is ok: A series found gBaseBuild: 1300_76681 begin GetAndInstallUpdates Win pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName= buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue= base_build=1300_76681 exceptType= serialNumber= updaterVersion=23 platform=Win+%285.1.2600%29 sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID=REQ_PLAT action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update error in TellAutoUpdatePHP pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName= buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue= base_build=1300_76681 exceptType= serialNumber= updaterVersion=23 platform=Win sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID= action=requestFileName updaterMode=Update Send the error info to the database, and see if you got back a better error message. pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=vdtpjc buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue=%2811001%2C+%27getaddrinfo+failed%27%29 base_build=1300_76681 exceptType=socket.gaierror serialNumber=actualserialnumbereditedout updaterVersion=23 platform=Win+%285.1.2600%29 sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID=There+was+an+error+finding+installer.nemetschek.net+on+the+Internet.+Perhaps+your+ISPs+DNS+is+not+set+up+properly. action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update error in TellAutoUpdatePHP There was an error finding installer.nemetschek.net on the Internet. Perhaps your ISPs DNS is not set up properly. Exception Type: socket.gaierror Exception Value: (11001, 'getaddrinfo failed') Exception Stack: File "InstallerScript.pyc", line 1212, in GetAndInstallUpdates File "httplib.pyc", line 800, in request File "httplib.pyc", line 823, in _send_request File "httplib.pyc", line 794, in endheaders File "httplib.pyc", line 675, in _send_output File "httplib.pyc", line 642, in send File "httplib.pyc", line 610, in connect
  3. Hi all at NEMETSCHEK. Many thanks for the 12.5.3 patch. I have installed the extra ram and VW now works with 4 gig on my XP-64 machine. Many thanks for continuing support of version 12. I'm sure its not fun fixing bugs, but us end users appreciate it. Thanks again! Peter Card
  4. Hi Paul, I'm on to it, turned Nvidia manager on and have sent Gunther the Dump file! Thanks for chasing this up! Regards Peter card
  5. Gunther, Thanks for the constructive advice, do you uninstall the program or just disable it? Regards Peter Card
  6. Dear Pharr, I?m using VW12.5 because our upgrade path is blocked because the Cinema 4D exchange plugin between VW12.5 and C4Dv10 has problems updating symbols, and the VW2008 to C4Dv10 doesn't work at all. Ill upgrade when that issue is sorted. Until then ill keep my extra 2 Gig in the draw until either the VW exchange plug in is fixed or you release a patch to get VW12.5 to work with 4 gig. I?m using windows XP-64 not Vista. In the past I have emailed you directly regarding my problem, and have sent you memory dumps, but you have not replied! Its a bit strange that that QA staff are going to contact me for more info. Hey come over for a BBQ lunch and a few beers! We can pull the thing apart and sing Christmas carols! Sorry to be a bastard but, (I?m going to be anyway and am not really sorry at all) You should work with Maxon and get the exchange plugins working so we Cinema 4D users can upgrade and leave VW12.5 behind us and give us an upgrade path to a more stable, faster and feature enhanced crash free software so I can get on to earning some money to pay for your upgrades. If you come back and say The plugin is not your problem, I?m going back to Archicad and cinema 4D, their exchange plugin works!, and ill expect a refund too. Have a nice day ;-) Peter Card peter@designteam.com.au
  7. We will have to pay for bug fixes if the French get their way! http://fsffrance.org/news/article2005-11-25.en.html
  8. this is what I did, in an attempt to reduce crashes, removed 2 gig ram and put in desk drawer (for the day VW can address 4 gig) Updated graphics driver deleted lots of fonts reinstalled xp-64 updated xp-64 swaped RAM sticks for new ones (from the boses computer) got VW to work in windows XP compatability mode (I use xp-64) pointed a gun at it Threatened it with physical harm only crashes about 5 times a day now.
  9. You tell em Wayfarer! I have contacted Maxon regarding the VW12.5 C4D plugin, and they have confirmed that there is a bug. The bug is that materials on symbols are deleted when updating your vectorworks file. The architect version of C4D comes with the VW plugin but still has the same update problem. Looks like the French owe us users an apology! I have tested Vectorworks on an XP-64 bit machine and it doesn't work with 4 gig. Im going to try it on a Vista 64- bit machine but im not holding my breath. My advice is: DO NOT UPGRADE! Stick with VW12.5 and C4D 9.5 Until both C4D get the bug fixed, have a simple install program (insted of installing 4 patches) and vectorworks stops crashing. Oh yea, halve the price of the upgrades, and stop splitting up all the tools into industry groups.
  10. Pharr, The discussion thread suggested that I may have a hardware problem and asked if I had changed over my RAM, I had already swapped over my simms when I tried to install additional RAM. I have had 2 gigs on my desk and 2 gigs in my PC for some time now and am eagerly awaiting the bug fix. I have installed an updated Nvidia driver and am please to report that I have had only 3 crashes this morning! Though I am working on smaller job today. Many thanks for your concern. Ill email you directly. Regards Peter Card
  11. islandmon, I have pulled this thing apart a few times and have removed the sound card, swapped over the SIMMs, reinstalled xp 64, formatted the HD and reinstalled xp64, reinstalled all the programes, updated all the patches, downloaded 100's of mb of windows updates, run VW with the standard workspaces and rebuilt my default startup sheet. It still crashes! i'm getting a 6 sense about it now and save every 5 min, but many of my files are over 200mb and take over 30 sec to save! but I must say its only crashed 3 times today since I updated the Nvidia driver all 55mb of it! many thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it . Regards Peter Card
  12. Vectorworks refused to start with 4 gig XP64 in windows XP compatibility mode. Just to let everyone know. Regards Peter Card
  13. Just tried installing 4 gig again! with Vectorworks in windows xp compatibility mode, didn't work. After a long delay I get a message about telling Microsoft about the problem! Very upsetting as I got XP64 because it addresses 8gig of ram and Cinema 4d produced a 64bit version of their program and it all appeared like a good package until Vectorworks refused to work with more than 2 gig. I'm going to try Vectorworks on my Vista machine with 4 gigs. Ill let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip re the video card! Regards Peter Card
  14. No special settings but I will try running the program in windows XP compatibility mode! Maybe I could get vectorworks to work with the extra 2 gig in this mode. Ill let you know how it goes! Thanks for your idea! Regards Peter Card
  15. Hi Robert, Yes I have swapped out the memory with my disastrous attempt to rum Vectorworks with 4gig of memory under XP64. I have also removed the sound card. Regards Peter Card
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