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  1. Thank you. Both of your suggestions worked. I actually tried the Sub-face mode again also and got it to work by passing all the way through my object. It just wouldn't work when I only pushed it part way through. Is that a standard setting that it must pass all the way through to work?
  2. I have created a 3D candlestick shape using the Sweep function. I am trying to push 4 holes into it using the Push/Pull tool in Sub-face mode. The holes cannot be made by drawing the profile into the sweep so this seems the way to do it. I am drawing 4 circles using the 2D planar circle tool on the face I want to subtract them from 9using automativc plane so they are on the face). In Sub-face mode I then select one circle, then select the sweep object then push into the required depth. I get the message Push/Pull Failed. I have tried converting the sweep object to NURBS, to a generic solid, grouping it andcomposing it but non of these work. What am I doing wrong?
  3. @Benson Shaw Thank you, that was really helpful. I got it to work this time. I am not quite sure what I was doing differently before. I think it wasn't working because I was creating my dome from a closed profile shape (as in the Sweep tutorial) rather than an open curve. Also the tutorial implies that 3D solids (such as domes made with the dome tool) can be used as base objects but it seems not and I hadn't got to NURBS surfaces in the tutorials yet. Think I'm getting the hang of it now. Thanks again
  4. I am having the same problem trying to follow the tutorial. Every base object I try says it is an ivalid base object other than a 2D circle. I created a dome using the sweep command as described above then tried Convert to NURBS but this said it was an invalid object so I could go no further. I tried the Extract Surface Tool also but a surface wouldnot select. ( One dome I tried became a Locked sweep but was still invalid as a base object). This seems to be a persistant problem, can the tutorial be elaborated to show how to create the base object step by step?


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