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  1. @Conrad Preen Thanks for the reply! This answers my question.
  2. It seems that there is an issue when using %g and a text representation of device socket in a cable numbering schema. When matching for Src_Skt_Name or Dst_Skt_Name and using as %1, %g will not increment. For example: Src_Dev_Name^=%g %1 will produce a unique incrementing number along with a source device name in text form for each cable. However, Src_Skt_Name^=%g %1 will not increment the unique number and will produce the number 1 followed by the source socket name for each cable. At the same time, %u seems to work fine.
  3. I just upgraded from Vectorworks 2019 with a stand-alone ConnectCAD plugin to Vectorworks 2020 Spotlight with ConnectCAD subscription and it seems there is a feature missing. In the previous version you could select jackfield label type as AB, CD, ... which would label jacks as A01B, A02B, etc. Sockets would be A01 and B01 on each side of the jack. This seems to not be available in the new version as the only two options are A, B, C and 01[delim]01. Choosing the A, B, C labeling type and modifying the available list of labels I can get jackfield labels in the format 01AB25 (for a 50 size field). This however, is not in line with the standards at my company, as the jack in row B would be number 1. Am I missing something?
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